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  2. Not a one smoothie has come even close to killing me, and I still never make them. Your stubborn devotion to blending overripe bananas with potentially-legal mystery powders is noble and insane, knucks.
  3. Sherwood

    Speaker Porn

    Why go to the trouble to put such a nice system in your kill room?
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  5. One month is quick I thought my package was lying somewhere near but it is more probable now the delay is between US and EU so there is hope for you Jose, I think.
  6. Recently a shipment from the US to EU took a month to arrive for me.
  7. At $500 it was possibly the best deal I've seen in audio.
  8. I was about to declare my package lost but to my surprise it arrived at my doorstep today (Netherlands). thx for the GB Steef
  9. Unfortunately my package has not arrived yet although I am used to long waits.
  10. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that!
  11. So funny thing. I'm not trying to turn this mostly dead thread into Knuckles' Tales of Slow Death By Indigestion, buuut.... After my bad experience with the "biohazard" powder, I bought 3 new varieties. Two organic ones (expensive, from Walmart of all places) and one reasonably priced kind (Aldi's in-house "Millville" brand, marketed toward weight lifting meatheads): To say this stuff didn't agree with me would be an understatement on par with "Donald Trump is not up to the job." I consumed a decent amount last Thursday. I was still feeling ill on Monday. The nausea, fatigue and headaches I was experiencing kept returning every day. I should interject at this point that there's something wrong with me not related to a food allergy ("we've know this for years, Knucks.") Yesterday, due to the heat, I almost lost consciousness while standing in my upstairs bathroom. I then had to take a non-optional nap in the middle of the day where I had a hellacious fever dream where an infamous YouTuber named Keemstar (someone I never voluntarily watch) was doing a very loud dance that was making me sick. I was begging him to stop and a guy I haven't seen since high school nearly 30 years ago was insisting to me that "it wasn't that bad." I eventually forced myself awake from this nightmare. I felt kind of weird the rest of the day. I haven't exactly felt okay today, but I've been comparatively much better. So... smoothies. I have, uh, 15 lbs of ice cubes that I bought because of that 28 hour power outage I had recently.. I'm determined to use as much of it as possible for smoothies. I also have (as previously mentioned) a shit-ton of bananas, that don't keep for shit in this weather. Two bananas, a bit of milk, a bunch of ice and some "Earthly Choice Great Day Goji Cacao Superfood Blend" powder. I didn't pick the name. Full of nut and twigs (or so it tasted). Actually quite good. y. As above, but with "Better Body Foods Organic Cacao Powder." Also very good. Chocolatey and rich. A little bit of this powder goes a long way. As a bonus, neither of the above put me on a 5 day bender of nausea or prompted me to nearly lose consciousness. So I've got that going for me.
  12. Legacy Audio Classics.
  13. I always wondered what you looked like in your prime youth.
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  15. NME acid house issue cover, July 1988. This is real. The fossil of a Kronosaurus. I feel personally attacked here. In the words of the late, great Bill Hicks, there's no fucking joke here. Schrodinger's Miau. #ScottishPeopleTwitter Me this month.
  16. The Wilson Watt Puppies usually went for around $10-11K so that was a pretty good deal for a $500 pair of speakers.
  17. RIP Trini. I forgot he was in The Dirty Dozen. Great movie, I am going to rewatch it soon.
  18. The Japanese House - Good At Falling I read about her this morning on Pitchfork. I like it! Indie female singer-songwriter with big, lush production? Sign me up!
  19. Trini Lopez, singer, guitar designer, and star of The Dirty Dozen, dies from Coronavirus https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/aug/12/trini-lopez-covid-19-frank-sinatra-dirty-dozen?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
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