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  2. And now what did you do TODAY?

    We turned training the new Roomba 980 into a drinking game. Have to take a drink every time it tries to hump some low slung piece of furniture. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Lost old guy could do with some pointers.

    @steveg - the sr-325(i) is the most aggressive sounding grado going around. you might have found the sr-225(e) which is cheaper or the ps-500(e) which is more expensive, more to your liking. going to a meet or to an audio store that carries a range of headphones for you to try is recommended.
  4. Mattresses

    Moving into a new apartment and I'm thinking it's about time I replace my mattress. How's everyone enjoying their choices in mattresses? I'm a side sleeper, fwiw...
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  6. Lost old guy could do with some pointers.

    Is going to a meet an option for you? Major cities often host a couple every year. Look around on Head-Fi for announcements. It'll give you the opportunity to try a whole lot of different things. Just remember that show conditions can be noisy and difficult. Also, keep your bullshit detector on. I've had people at meets try to convince me of some staggeringly dumb things. Also, seconding the advice to refresh your HD650: replace the earpads and headband pad, and it'll look and feel good as new. The SR-007A is my favorite headphone, but that price you're quoting sounds too good to be true. If it's a grey market import, keep in mind that you'll have warranty service problems (which, granted, are unlikely to be needed; also, Stax has stingy warranties; anyway, asking for help here on HC will be more effective for some problems). The 252S amp is pretty good, but you might find yourself looking to upgrade to a KG amp, which will never be cheap, since they're all DIY (though not difficult to find). It makes for a pretty expensive system, but it can definitely be that "setup for 20 years" that you're looking for. As a really nice alternative which doesn't require exotic amplification, the HD800 can be found for $800 or less on the used market in excellent condition. I've even seen it for around $1000 new, depending on holiday deals at various retailers. Add the (easy to install) SDR mod for another $30 or so. It's an excellent headphone, with much, much less bass roll-off than the HD650. It takes well to equalization, so you can give it just a touch to make it sound even better to your ears. Dynamic amps are tough to recommend. I've never been a fan of Schiit amps for numerous reasons, but I don't have great or inexpensive suggestions that don't involve DIY. There's a lot of popular garbage on the market. As for DACs, ask yourself: can you hear a difference between your current DAC and the audio output of an iPhone or iPad (with volume turned to the max) plugged into your amplifier? The answer should be enlightening.
  7. What are you EATING right now?

    Not much: fast day.
  8. What are you EATING right now?

    Pan seared scallops and Alaskan King Crab legs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. What are you EATING right now?

    Bacon bourbon brownie
  10. Lost old guy could do with some pointers.

    The SR-007A usually goes for double that amount, which makes me doubt the validity of the seller but if it seems trustworthy then you should pounce on that! Stax headphones are electrostatic, so they are like Quad ESLs in headphone form, but without the transformer so you have to use a dedicated electrostatic amp. The entry level system is called the SRS-3100, which consists of the SR-L300 headphones with the SRM-252S amp. However, if you can really get the SR-007A for £695 then that would be the way to go, then get the cheapest standalone Stax amp you can find (another couple hundred quid).
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  12. What are you EATING right now?

    Sonja and Mikey. Duh
  13. What are you smoking right now?

    Some Dunhill Durbar, in my 40s vintage Savinelli KS. It's a cool, long smoke, but less flavorful than I remember. The two hours the bowl lasted was great for catching up on some podcasts, though, this evening. Perfect fine grey ash to the bottom, though it took a little bit of work to get it to stay lit, at top.
  14. And now what did you do TODAY?

    These are very good news Todd. I'm glad things are going good and he fit well. Those are the most importent ones I believe.
  15. And now what did you do TODAY?

    Parents' Weekend at Andrew's college. Karen and I get up nice and early, get down and see a couple presentations (we really like this school and the President is just fantastic!). At around 10am Andrew answers Karen's text; he'll meet us at 12:30 in the dining hall. He comes in after we sit, answers a few questions with one-or-two-word answers. Then we bring some supplies to his room, and head home for a family dinner for the Jewish New Year. Still the same boy, he's doing very well though. Likes the school, working hard, and has met a solid group of kids to call his friends. They are even talking about trying to get into a suite next year, but chances may be slim. Good to have him home a few hours, even though he still stays behind closed door for the most part. Missed him....
  16. What are you EATING right now?

    Went to ocakbaşı (without booze) today: Lord of mangal: Special kofte: Chicken wings: Special bread:
  17. What are you listening to Part the Third

    I just got that, but haven't listened. After family stuff tonight and tomorrow morning, I will do just that......
  18. Lost old guy could do with some pointers.

    I don't know whether to feel sad I'm stuck with a donkey, or relieved that its not just me that thinks that STAX SR-007A MK2 are on Amazon for £695 ($937) - something along those lines? @mwl168 I'm not even sure how I'd go about answering that question. I like the warmth and richness of the Senns, but sometimes I think the bass could be a little tighter, a bit more controlled - and the Grados do have some lovely highs, up around the 12k range. A wide soundstage isn't that important to me - with the equipment I'm used to I don't think I've ever experianced a truly accurate soundstage, so I'm not missing what I've not known. (Although I'm happy to be blown away if its affordable ! ). I'd prefer to stear clear of DIY. I diy'd some speakers a few years ago, and even with the help of the guys at Wilmslow Audio I've never managed to shake the feeling that I didn't do things quite right and things arent as good as they could be !
  19. Lost old guy could do with some pointers.

    It will also be helpful if you can share more about your preference of sound signatures and other characteristics (warmer or brighter sounding, is a wide sound stage important to you, etc.) which may help folks here to offer some recommendations. Also, is DIY an option to you? If you prefer to stay with dynamic headphone, there are a few very good headphone amps that can be built with parts cost only in the hundreds. The HD650 does scale well with better amps.
  20. What are you listening to Part the Third

    And now that I am aware that this exists, I am, of course, listening to this, too. Thanks for that. EDIT: Egad, this is colossal!
  21. Lost old guy could do with some pointers.

    Sadly, no amp or DAC will make a John Grado sound good so the best course of action is to buy better headphones. I think an entry level Stax setup is about $700 USD on this side of the pond so that is well within your budget, but I'm not sure how much they cost in the UK. Replacing all the pads on your HD650 will spruce it back up, and replacements aren't prohibitively expensive. Hope you enjoy whatever you end up deciding on!
  22. Hi All, Firstly, the hard part............. My name's Steve, I'm 50, and I Know Nothing About HiFI. There, I said it, I admit it wasn't easy, but I feel better for getting it out in the open . I've had a set of HD650's for over 15 years - which I really like, but I've recently started to think they're sounding a bit tired. They get used every day, and for long periods at weekends and holidays. They are coupled to an original Schiit Asgard amp (serial number somewhere in the 700's), and a Bifrost DAC from the same period. They are connected via optical cable to my computer, and fed flacs. I listen to all types of music - (both country and western - j/k) - except classical and rap. Everything from Alicia Keyes to Alice in Chains, Macy Grey to Motorhead and Pete Tong to The Platters. About 10 years ago my Wife bought me a set of Grado 325i's - which I've hated from day one. I didn't get rid of them because neither of us has ever earned a great deal, and the cans were the first bit of expensive (to us) audio gear she bought me, so they have sentimental value. Every 12 months or so she remarks that I don't listen to them much anymore - so I dig them out for a few weeks and I try really hard to like them. I fiddle with audio eq profiles, read about mods. sacrifice small animals to the audio gods....... but I still hate them, they make my ears hurt. They actually do have lovely bass and an airy sound, but its covered up by that horrible upfront midrange. EQ'ing the midrange back abit just means you lose the 'airyness', and they sound......dirty? So, I've been quietly putting a few quid away here and there, and at the moment have around £1200 to upgrade my kit. I figure that my last upgrade was around 15 years ago, so if this upgrade lasts 20 years, at that point I'll be beyond caring about hifi (haha). With that in mind, it's likely to be my last upgrade, so I want it to be a good one. I'm in no rush to buy, I can keep saving and its my big 5-0 in a few months, so the family will want to buy me something nice (I need time to drop them hints though ) I'm asking for advice because up until this point I was simply looking at the most expensive kit I could realistically afford - maybe Sen800's and something costly from Schiit or Lehmann - but after reading the thread on here about the build quility of the new Schiit units I realise whatever limited knowledge I had is massively out of date. I'm toying with the idea of buying a better amp (would the bifrost still be ok as a dac?), that would hopefully make the Grado's sound better, and then upgrade the cans a few months down the line - is that sensible? Or am I flogging a dead Grado shaped horse and I should just get a new amp & phones in one go? Any thoughts you might have would be really, really appreciated. . Thanks for taking the time to read this Steve
  23. What are you EATING right now?

    Chicken Souvlaki and Greek Fries with home-made Tzatziki sauce at Galazia, which was delicious.
  24. The Headcase Stax thread

    Yes, the drivers were glued to the baffle on all my sets. No pics as I didn't take any but as soon as you open them up there should be a very dried out adhesive ring.
  25. The Headcase Stax thread

    You mean the adhesive thing which sticks the drivers to the cups (I've that on my SR-5) ? Any picture welcome, before I open them up BTW, they don't sound off to me, just something different. Ali
  26. HC NBA Ballers

    https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/report-knicks-agree-to-trade-carmelo-anthony-to-thunder-in-blockbuster-deal/ RIP NBA, Hoodie Me7o all up in here
  27. The Headcase Stax thread

    The input on that KGSS is so fucked that it might be better to just take the pot off the board and just wire it all from the beginning. You should have a 100R input resistor and 500K shunt to ground. That's it... Be sure to replace the adhesive rings in front of the drivers or they will sound pretty wonky...
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