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  2. Finally started Witcher. Awesome! Another good guy misanthrope. More or less.
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  4. Another Mazzy Star fan....RIP Dave...... There's a nice live video on YT of Fade Into You as well.....
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  6. Massive oof. RIP Dave Roback. He was the half of Mazzy Star that was not Hope Sandoval. https://pitchfork.com/news/mazzy-stars-david-roback-dead-at-61/ I've been a Mazzy Star fan for nearly 30 years at this point. I'll never forget the first time I heard Fade In To You, and later saw the video for it:
  7. Do watch this then... Amazon selling shit that will probably give people cancer.
  8. Frontline takes a look at the rise of Amazon. This was very good. It is also nice to see that Amazon took it seriously and made most of the top echelon of execs available for interviews. We are in totally uncharted waters going forward as it feels impossible to think of any historical analog to what Amazon is today. I've definitely been re-thinking some of my own Amazon shopping in the last year as I don't think the company really shares my values. https://www.pbs.org/video/amazon-empire-the-rise-and-reign-of-jeff-bezos-xpco5j/
  9. As far as I know, he has never listened to them! Silver likes Bossa Nova, though. I like Tuxes, too: I've yet to meet one that wasn't a sweetheart.
  10. so I have to say I absolutely love the niche at this point. It's a very well thought out grinder, especially for espresso.
  11. And does Dunhill like the Sennheiser's? 🙂 Just a lovely kitty, looks a bit like one of my previous cats, Gryphon. I really like tuxedo coloring.....
  12. these came with the pads that the maker said were the better ones. i have no complaints with these pads.. that are the "dark" ones already.
  13. Very nice, Just wondering if you got any extra pads and if so did you try them? My pair of "dark" pads are coming in soon.
  14. got my es1a yesterday. need more time, but first listen, they sound great! i also bought the kaldas rr1 out of curiosity. I might like these es1a more then my sr009 and sr007mk1
  15. Dunhill sits here much more than I do. Those are special babies!
  16. faust3d

    Get your game on!

    Anyone playing No Man's Sky here? https://www.nomanssky.com/living-ship-update/
  17. What do folks think about the Ode? A bit cheaper and seems to be a decent grinder on paper.
  18. That's my conclusion, too. The good ones get pricey fast. I can barely figure out a machine I'd get to run Plex for myself (not that I need it)... I wouldn't dump anything on my dad that would require a manual to operate.
  19. First rule of providing recommendations for audio gear for family - keep it SIMPLE. That said, I've been searching for a non-amplified, nice, user-friendly music server for what feels like years. Still haven't found anything that I like that doesn't cost north of $2k which just isn't within reach.
  20. Thanks! I guess the other option would be a mini PC of some sort.
  21. We WILL do our annual meet on MAY 3, 2020 at the Dunwoody North Driving Club (DNDC) where we met last year. Same location, same time... 12N to 5PM. As usual we'll provide space, tables, power, and refreshments! You provide the equipment and extension cords/power strips you need. Everyone is welcome, whether you're from the industry or an enthusiast. We'll find room for everyone to show off your "stuff". If you didn't make it last year, here's another chance!! This meet is open to all, from beginners to veterans of the headphone wars! We guarantee there will be something of interest for everyone. Just getting started?? Here’s your chance to see lots of set-ups in one location and talk to the experts about your passion! "Old Timers" wiling to share... we need you here too! Watch our web page Click Here... for more info as it becomes available! We'll let you know if any manufacturers or distributors will be here (there are usually a few) and any of the latest amazing equipment that will be available for you to hear! Don't miss it!! John Morrison, President, Founding Member Atlanta Audio Club Direct: 770-330-3919 mailto:[email protected] http://www.atlantaaudioclub.org
  22. Maybe a cheap DAC streamer is the go, something like a iEAST Sound Streamer. You’d need a 3.5mm stereo to RCA cable, the Android tablet should work fine with an existing wifi network. I agree consolidate the music files onto a single (wireless) hard drive, then a media player of sorts installed onto the tablet.
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