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    He was born a white male. That's a pretty big contest win. **BRENT**
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    Something nice about a smaller camera is you can get into more places. There isn't much room for argument when the sign in the museum clearly says no SLRs, but "point and shoot" cameras are fine.
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    I'm not brown and I never got seinfeld either
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    I'd take it as a sign and return it for a refund.
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    I miss Steve -- and not just for the dick jokes! Currently eating a Lamb Biryani in England's oldest Indian restaurant. The maitre d' sounds Russian, the waitress is definitely South African and the guys at the table next to me -- who have a pretty good buzz going for 1:00 pm -- are Korean.
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    HemiSam, pm me, I may be able to help.
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    The pics really show what a piece of junk that plug is. Welcome to HC good luck with your re-cable.