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    Didn't have the time, or the weather, to stop and do some real photos.
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    Hurray for not-death. Did they get the right parts? Did they not get the wrong parts? Inventory!
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    I forgot that Esoteric was doing SACDs --- oh they are $65 each... now I remember.
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    Picking up the S4 tomorrow. Looks like shitty weather all week of course. Anybody here have a recommendation for a great car cover to use while I travel and leave the car out?
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    Holy crap, I remember him! Just last weekend we were looking up and re-living 'Land of the Lost' (different show, but same producers), because I wanted to prove to Anne that former Cavaliers basketball players Bill Lambier and John Lambert were in it. Turns out they were just sleestacks, not main characters, so it was easy to miss them.
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    Glad to hear you are alive Marc!!! Sorry about the in pain part. Hope you recover quickly.
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    Heal well and heal fast, Marc!
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    So let me get this straight, roomie is balking at paying rent as she walks on the deal and has the balls to drink your booze without asking?
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    Mmmm, guac I counter with tonkatsu
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    Decided that this week needed to start out on the right note. Coconut Chocolate Chip Scones
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