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    After 2 days of intense orientation, he can get confortable at last
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    Preliminary results. I don't know anything about carpentry so please don't be too cruel to me.
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    Nah, you're still good! 🎄
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    Everyone's all packed. I'll weigh Friday night and send out address requests as I weigh
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    Same sound but later in the night this time.
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    i'm thinking of going the other way and demolishing the inside of my apartment. maybe put up levels
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    Nothing is cheap in Iceland...nothing at all. It is one of those artificial materials, Dekton or something like that. Most of the cost is installation and cutting it all. I've been baking professionally since I was a child so not an interest, more what I was born into. I can't do it anymore though due to my bum knee so I've been focusing on other things more recently.
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    Thanks again, guys. Life is good. Birthdays are a great reminder of the alternative, and I'm always thankful to have another one and a chance for more.
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