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    Traeben - PUSH (2012) It's available on Tidal. I found the band watching guitar instructional videos on YouTube.
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    Lady Gaga I was in El Rico Pollo and I was enjoying what was playing, so my friend Googled it ("OK Google, what is playing right now?"). Don't know which album, so far the two I've listened to are fairly generic, yet perfectly pleasant. The one I heard was more Garbage-y. Going to stop and listen to Traeben to clear my palette...er...palate. Those are homonyms, aren't they?
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    I shot this last night on the way home. This is about 10 minutes to midnight so the high point of the madness hasn't been reached. The phone kinda crapped out trying to shoot this but I was at the end of the driveway to BessastaĆ°ir, the presidents residence overlooking the greater Reykjavik area.
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