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    Had to travel to Norfolk for work this week so got to visit one of my favorite restaurants - The Grilled Cheese Bistro. The special was the Super Reuben, which was impossible to turn down.
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    All the cats in my herd are free do to anything they want except using turntable... She want to sleep on something hot. Instead of radiator, she wanted to sleep on source of "hot" Pamuk says "hi" to you all.
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    Happy very-belated Birthday!
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    Drink more wine, it's cardioprotective. Dave, sorry not a fan of either. Can't remember what you already have in your collection but at $9K or so there are others that I would rather own.
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    Although spring drive is probably superior, I find the dead second complication more interesting. Also the back of the JLC is more appealing to me. The GS does have a full bracelet. Just buy both and use the GS for casual and the JLC for more dressy occasions.. For me it's hard to choose because I find they scratch different itches and are not directly competitive.
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    Bacon wrapped banana?
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    Test Tone @ Home live right now: http://mixlr.com/illuminator/chat
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    Rode just under 18 miles on my e-bike today. It's the first ride since I broke my arm on 10/30/2018. So far I'm batting 1000 in avoiding the ER.
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    Cleaned my apartment. Found all sorts of shit. a Metro card with about $30 on it (and a picture of some great cats of some variety or another, the real reason I missed it) my Rotring my prescription sunglasses a shoe — just the one, don’t know where its mate is a notice that my car is paid off...since July or August or so a tin full of picks a library card A bunch of tins of mints a flattened, sealed bag of chips a couple different earplugs A strat body enough Allegra-D to start my own meth lab A special case (Xmas) of Maestro Dobel Diamante (that’s tequila, right?) an almost smooshed carton of almond milk ... Anyway, you get the idea.
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    Yeah, I also like that one a lot. Not quite up to your guys levels, but my wife got me this for Christmas...
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    Oh, Colie just got mad at me and called the probation officer, and the probation was revoked (I had copped to disorderly, just to get things over with). Everything is over with and I’m fine. I’m done with Colie.
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    I got home from jail. 25 days is a lot.
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