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    I was with Alex in his first judo championship... My champion. [emoji16]
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    Harbeths, with bonus miau.
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    Thanks Pars and yes you got it right. And she's a real beaut
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    I also don't think Fang really understands what is going to happen now. I'm going to track down a Shangri-la jr. amp no matter the cost just to rip it apart.
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    I took these two fellows.. …on a ride to big brother who has his own original Kevin DIY T2 PSU (reduced voltages - everything else as original). With this PSU both mini T2 are silent - no annoying hum. Here they are all together.
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    I don't have the slightest chance to need one of those in the future, but I'd love having one. I've always liked all those buttons, knobs, switches and the tiny screen with grid and scales. Something's wrong in my brains since a kid.
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    Genuine Sri Lankan Curry* *Made in England
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    Joanne is having Lamb ... I'm having Steak & Chip's Then Sticky Toffee Pudding Not all which made it to it's intended recipient
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    Thought I would share a pic of my current project as an introduction, since this is my 2nd post here. The board is from Tubelab, its his Single Ended board, so this is a TSE amp. For you purists, it uses sand for a current source, they are under the board so you can't see it in the pics. Big tubes are 45's, driving Electraprint output iron which were wound for headphones, [email protected] with 46 and 300 ohm secondaries Edcor power tx, 5V4 rectifier into a CLC filter for B+ of 300V, and for now, a fairly simple DC reg for the DHT heater power. Working on its chassis now, a wooden box made from curly maple. The TSE pcb will be under a fiberglass plate that is all drilled out and ready. I have a few other coupling caps I will try out, see what I like the best. I also have a Coleman DHT filament heater that I am planning to use to drive the heaters in the 45's. I'll also have a wiki page at some point soon, with more details on what's inside and how it was built. Randy
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    The circuit is more like the srm-001 blown up by a bunch. So opamps input, solid state version of grounded grid output stage, resistor loaded, and capacitor coupled output. Positively ancient design by any standard. Did not even replace the power resistors with current sources. Saying that the output capacitance is that low because the two devices are in series clearly shows no understanding on how that design works. And the series output inductors are not a great idea either. The headphones may be decent, I don't know because I have not heard them, but there are so many decent headphone amps out there that buying the hifiman version seems like a waste of money.
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    Well, I feel the ban stick coming. Posted on HF regarding the FCC Part 15 not being applicable. Also called jamato8 out as a known shill from years ago...
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    Lol!! Does he seriously think it works like that? Wow...just wow...
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    I bought them in December when there were very few dates announced, we have friends in MN, and this weekend is my birthday, so we had planned to go for the weekend. Unfortunately it didn't work out. But we have tickets closer to home this summer.
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    Out of Stax brand amps, I've used the 313, 007t, and 717, and preferred the 717 by a good margin. Considering the similarities between that and the KGSS, the suggestion is a very good one, if you can swing it. The L700 does tend to be a touch bright though and you may need a bit of EQ to get the highs to behave. It's not bad however, I don't use more than 4db anywhere. JimL's suggestion is the most cost effective solution for a good amp by far. I would say that they're not too amp picky and even very basic amps sound decent... as long as they're good amps.
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    New Jenny Lewis album. Thumbs up. Appreciate the cover art, too.
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    Hi Jpleg, I don't think that should be a concern. I don't see myself jacking up the price. Let me give you a quick background about me and my Company. My company is "Kaldas Research"- as the name suggests, we are a Research company. Our main Business is contract R&D and Manufacturing. "Kaldas" is named after my Grandfather Mr. Gokaldas Chandan who was a big inspiration for me as he started with absolutely nothing. Making my own Headphone was a very old dream. I started as an enthusiast with my HD650 around 8 years ago, what rekindled my dream was when I visited Beyerdynamic in Heilbronn back in 2015. The factory and family owned spirit of Beyerdynamic was a big moment for me to consider making my own Headphone. I have been lucky enough to visit G.R.A.S. in Denmark as well as Klippel GmbH, all of them had an impact on me in one way or another. As to your concern, why am I selling at $500? Is the Headphone cheaply made? Does it sound like Garbage? For me, it's simple. I am personally sick and tired of the over-inflation in prices of recent Headphones. Most people are trying to get into the Headphone industry to make money. I am not. I think there are better ways to make money than to get into an overly crowded industry. At the end of the day, I'm just a kid with a passion. The skepticism people have is beyond my control. Regards,Aumkar
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    Have not watched The Expanse, will now start. Altered Carbon was throughly enjoyable.
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    Completely in denial about my tendencies. Binge watched The Expanse. Binge watched Altered Carbon. I need moar Sci-Fi. Nudity optional but encouraged.
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    Good record. Little White Dove and Rabbit Hole are the standouts for me. I have tickets to see her in St. Paul this weekend ... sadly, I am not in St. Paul, and I have no prospect of getting there.
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