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    This is what a "Bespoke" RR1 could look like, this is just a pretty random spec I came up with. Anything is possible, really. This is the regular production spec (full stealth) -
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    For part time use for a hobbyist, those look perfect. When cutting or hacksawing screws to length, always first screw a hexnut past the length to be cut off and then mark the cut line on a single wrap of masking tape around the screw. The tape helps the hacksaw from walking, and after the extra length cut off, unscrewing the hexnut helps straighten the mangled threads. Cleanup with a chamfer on the end using a hand file.
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    Frusciante or Klinghoffer… ummm I prefer Frusciante. Edit: About Billie Eilish ... Yes, my sub woks ?
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    Thanks Laowei. It is a good trick.
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    I wanted to listen to this album. One of my first XRCD's Blue Mitchell "Blue´s Moods"
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    Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? ... works the sub
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    Thought I would share a pic of my current project as an introduction, since this is my 2nd post here. The board is from Tubelab, its his Single Ended board, so this is a TSE amp. For you purists, it uses sand for a current source, they are under the board so you can't see it in the pics. Big tubes are 45's, driving Electraprint output iron which were wound for headphones, [email protected] with 46 and 300 ohm secondaries Edcor power tx, 5V4 rectifier into a CLC filter for B+ of 300V, and for now, a fairly simple DC reg for the DHT heater power. Working on its chassis now, a wooden box made from curly maple. The TSE pcb will be under a fiberglass plate that is all drilled out and ready. I have a few other coupling caps I will try out, see what I like the best. I also have a Coleman DHT filament heater that I am planning to use to drive the heaters in the 45's. I'll also have a wiki page at some point soon, with more details on what's inside and how it was built. Randy
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    The driver looks very well built. I'll get a pair too.
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    finished my Twisted Pear BIII Pro SE (9028)
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    Today I received the package that strap I ordered for use on my Rolex OP39 was supposed to be in, but with no strap, there was an outer plastic bag from Royal Mail with their apologies, so obviously on its way to me some thieving bastard has taken it. I’ve been in contact with the person that did me that strap and he’s starting an investigation, in the meantime he’s refunded the cost of that strap to my PayPal account, unfortunately he’s not ready to do me a new one with this happening, but hopefully will eventually.
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