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    My chassis is almost done now, finally. Took a quick pic this morning, lighting not good, but will give you an idea. The front accent pieces cover a drilling mistake lol. I tried to add a pic of the top, but I think I reached my size limits for uploading pics maybe?
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    Hope you had a great one, Tyler! Come hang out in our virtual Wonderland sometime! Cheers!
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    got a haircut today... right next to the salon is the local Rolex AD. I stopped in for a look in the case. They still had the milly Z blue that came in with the last months shipment, but they had sold the Air King. They got a SS yacht master 2 in their most recent shipment, which was in the case. They also told me that they are regularly getting Subs and Date subs(not hulks) on their shipments now. GMTs, skydwellers, seadwellers, exlporers(both), millys, yacht masters and air kings remain inconsistent. Rumors of rolex increasing output may be accurate.
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    Sam, you do realize you can just get a Santos, right? They go great with Adidas sandals.
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    history lesson (unless birgir says otherwise) As far as I can tell the first stax amplifier to use differential cascode circuit is the srm-1 first introduced in 1979 long before hifiman was even a company
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    If you change your power cable don't forget to test the phase with your tongue.
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    Well it is a Hifiplus review so not even useful as toilet paper...
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    The srm-001 is an opamp driving a fet that drives a transistor (cascode) into a load resistor and is cap coupled to the output. (cascode differential) The jade2 is an opamp driving a transistor that drives a mosfet (cascode) into a load resistor and is cap coupled to the output. The calculation of output capacitance is flat out wrong as the middle of the cascode is AC ground. (cascode differential) Just about identical. Obviously the jade2 consumes a bunch more power and puts out a bunch more power. I own 2 hifiman products. Both are built like shit. I'm unlikely to buy hifiman products ever again.
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    Belated one from across the pond!
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    Really nice Steve! Helped a long time vendor by doing a rare sponsored speech for them. In response they surprised me with the gift of headphones. Bose headphones, but it's the thought that counts, right?
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    Happy birthday, future ambassador!
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    Belated Happy Belated Birthday Tyler!
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    Depends on the wood. Pine would be soft, Walnut would be harder. šŸ˜‹
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    Happy belated Birthday, Tyler!
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    Happy Birthday Tyler! Hope it was awesome-ness-ly!
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    As I said before my fiend, Feliz cumpleaƱos! If anyone has been wondering where Tyler has been, he's been fighting the good fight in the streets of D.C. (in Tom Clancy's The Division 2.) The bad guy's stand nary a chance.
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    I was with Alex in his first judo championship... My champion. [emoji16]