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    ....so I bought one of these. They popped up on Massdrop while I was talking to Kevin who immediately called BS on this. My curiosity peaked, I had to get one. Here is the product page: https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/supreme-sound-opamp-v5i/ BS meter is tingling so I waited for it to arrive: Nice enough box and here are the internals: I forgot to take a picture of the top but it looks exactly as it did on the page. Here is the bottom though: The potting compound is pretty soft so here is what I found: So... the only thing in there is an opamp with the top markings sanded off and one small cap. There is nothing on the bottom, just this. We have no idea what opamp that is but it would be pretty simple to dissolve the resin and look at the die. I very much doubt this is some custom one off unit, why would they sand off the top if it was some custom device? Also, why is that cap there? I mean this is a dual opamp so two channels and two power rails...why one cap? This reminds me of the Single Power tube adapters, they had parts for just one section of the dual triodes...why I just don't know.
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    I ordered from Massdrop a little while ago, and it arrived earlier this week. Fired it up last night, and right out of the box sounds pretty good. Letting it burn in now, will see how it sounds tonight. My initial thought is for a set of cans and amp, its a bargain at the massdrop price. My long term plan is to build an amp for it, which hopefully I'll be able to get done one of these days. Randy
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    Some little guys were having a tough day. Ten in. Ten out.
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    Well, I've held off on posting this one. Thought the 300mph barrier deserved its own space. Also, I've been to busy and or lazy. Weekend is finally here and I'm kicking back in the backyard after way too much foot traffic through the house...LOL. My daily was my beloved 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. Creampuff with only 26K miles (I work a couple of miles from the house). All wheel drive, 392 cubic inch motor that made short of 500hp at the flywheel (i.e. not the wheels...I'd guess 10-15% drivetrain loss due to torque converter, etc...), 8-speed transmission with paddle shifters, big Brembo brakes, a lot of suspension flexibility with a dial...and a hilarious but beloved launch control should one ever need one. The wifey borrowed it a few weeks go to pick up her dad from the hospital and take him home as her coupe sits quite low. She got struck by another driver on the way home (fortunately she was perfectly fine) and the damage while not huge was enough for me to call it a day after 4 years with the big girl. It was days before the Texas Mile and my tow vehicle was down... I did not make it to the Mile with my Demon. Don't get mad, get even. After scouring for a similar vehicle I concluded there are not many and certainly not in the shape I'd be happy with. So..... 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with the Hellcat motor and some nifty gadgetry was acquired. Traded in my 2015 at full trade-in value and handed over my insurance claim. The 2018's on the lots were discounted more, but I still managed to get a good bit of the 2019. Way to expensive a vehicle, but I have to admit I'm a sucker for the power, leather, and technology. vroom vroom... HS
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    Hey! That’s all I listen to! Goes to find 2 sticks to rub together to start dinner... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We'll catch up to you someday Ric... MOA XI --
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    I experienced something pretty phenomenal yesterday afternoon. I was hanging out with friends on the last afternoon of the March 2019 Texas Mile watching the last few racers remaining make passes. The conditions were good....very good. Steady tailwind and the temps were dropping. The current record holder, a last gen Ford GT that's been Gulf Oil colors (my personal favorite livery) beat his prior record over the weekend...went 297 over his 293mph. Ungodly speeds for a standing mile (and lets not forget there is the whole stopping thing over limited real estate). Well....the team ticked off a 300.4mph pass...HOLY COW!!! The crowd was a bit thin but we all lit up. My friends and I were watching mid-track and listening to the announcer as the marker speeds were called out. Absolutely thrilling moment for me personally and I think for many of the mile racers there. vroom vroom... HS