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    I went to the Eugene Ballet's production of The Firebird. A modern adaptation set in a dystopian post app future (and you gotta know I loves me some dystopian post app futures). Overall, the performance from the dancers and the sound out of the orchestra pit was very enjoyable. I was stoked!
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    I thought I'd share this here. Yesterday, I flew down to meet some of the most prolific Electrostatic collectors in Bangalore, India. This was their first time seeing or listening to the RR1 Conquest - A lot of the people there were STAX owners of course, many owning 009s, 007s etc as well as some very sophisticated Amplification was present there as well. I also brought along the XP1, which stands for "Experimental Prototype 1". The XP1 was our original test mule that was created to be subjected to the worse possible conditions and also served as our stress mule, having over >3000 hours of service. It was on our dummy head running various impulses for 4 months, 24 hours, all day every day. It still lives but I had to open and clean the drivers once as there is intentional lack of dust protection on it. The XP1 is named after the McLaren F1 XP1, which I regard as one of the greatest examples of man and machine harmony. The XP1 is a special chassis that I intend to keep for my personal collection. Here are some impressions from the folks at the meet (I have taken a direct screenshot from the TIAF group) - I'm glad they liked it but I will say this - I don't like hype. It's the worst thing in the world. These guys are quite experienced and have been in the game longer than me but I still say, take it with a grain of salt. I might be the only Manufacturer in Headphone history to say that but, that's how I like doing business. I don't like hype, that's why I will be travelling around the world to show the Headphone this year. Hopefully, people get to hear it for themselves! Also, this was my first time listening to RR1 on the KGSSHV Carbon and oh boy! I have two "normal" KGSSHVs on order from Spritzer as my primary Amplification for international shows, I think I will need to get the Carbon too for my home setup. That thing is pure lunacy.
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    Next to our own Spaniard, my favorite thing from Spain.
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    I went to the touring production of Spamalot. It was the perfect mix of old and new.
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    Alex and me working in our X5
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    This was completed an hour ago. It worked though I did not do any measurement. I tried it with my only planar Hifiman HE6. The volume was a dummy. I used a preamp. I could not afford a decent volume control for individual headamps.
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    60-70$ or so. Not bad for the quality you get.
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    If I couldn't wear steel this is what I would get All titanium and being Omega you should be able to get a good discount. Edit: the aqua Terra is also available in titanium.
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    Waiting for your coming to see me.
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    Refurb'd Marantz 250 amp and 3300 pre.
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    Jamon Iberico de Bellota. Food of the gods.
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    First, thanks to Dr. Gilmore and Soren! My amp is working and everything is OK. It's perfect with low impedance and miserable sensitivity headphones. B: +/- 29Vdc ~2.1/50=41mA (L) 43.2mA (R) ~2.2/562=3.7mA (L) 3.9mA (R) Voltages are a bit lower than Congo5 but I think it´s correct. I start working on the chasis now. I´ll install a switch to select the gain as I did in the SquareWave. P.S. I know I have to put a photo to fulfill my part of the deal. I'll place it this weekend. ?
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    Not exactly appropriate for here, but RIP Cathedral de Notre Dame. She was a grand lady and one of the few structures that actually struck me with awe.
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