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    I had to cut Dunhill's front nails, tonight. It went better than I expected! He just does't scratch the scratchy things, or anything else. It was no big deal. Silver has conjunctivitis in one eye. I have been giving her medicated eye drops, the last couple days. I think she has figured out that the slight pain of the eye drops means something good, because I got this, today. She has NEVER jumped up and let me pet her on the sofa, before. I pet her every day, more than I want to sometimes, but always before at ankle level. I got this for 30 seconds.
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    What? It's speaker porn. Stop looking at me like that.
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    I would recommend the Dell's or Lenovo's. I HAVE had an IdeaPad (Core i7 5th Gen), and had no issues with it. But sounds like Doug has, or has heard of enough..... Haven't used Toshiba's for years, liked their business models but the consumer models were hit and miss. And I will never buy an HP laptop, I DO believe they are mostly trash for longer-term use.
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    I went on a date with somebody who is much, much too good for me (a long list, that one). Date two is scheduled for Friday.
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    I can't speak to the Thinkpad L's. I've never seen one in person, but the pictures look a little clunky. You'd probably be unnecessarily paying a lot for the Thinkpad name. My dislike of Ideapads goes back a few years and relates both to the manufacturing quality, and security issues. Things in the computer world change quickly, so I have no idea if any of that is relevant anymore.
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    It's not pink, but you can get a 15" Thinkpad (T580) in your budget. If lightweight is your criteria, I might go with a 14" as there are many more options. The T480s and X1 Carbon are the two nice ones, but both probably push the budget. I would't wish an Ideapad on my enemy.
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    Who knew "Best Pink Laptop" was a viable search term? https://www.patchesoft.com/pink-laptops https://www.bestreviews.guide/pink-laptops https://mylaptopguide.com/best-rose-gold-pink-laptops/ https://www.google.com/search?q=best+pink+laptop
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    I really want the Tank MC that Mr. Malek wore at the Met. I think he won. My mother's day gift to my mother was an autographed edition of Jack Forster's Cartier Time Art. She has been a Cartier owner since long before I was born, and now has at least 4 (I think it might be 6). She loved the book. I will get to see it this weekend.
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    Looks like the diodes and the power supply FETs, or at least one of them, is blown. And what you're seeing is probably 15 years worth of dirt. That alone could cause a failure, or something in the amp failed and caused the power supply to blow. This is a very very early KGSS, you can tell because the 1N914 diodes are crossed in the left channel due to a PCB error. That was fixed after the first run of boards. Also has cheap stepped attenuators from China (eBay) that were popular on Head-Fi at the time. This is probably from 2004
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    Huh, thats dirt under the 2sc3675s and not magic transistor dust? What would cause the diodes to blow to begin with.
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    I never found any way to properly fix them. Changing the pads made some minor changes but I just gave up and moved on. It would be worth it for the Black Gates alone and easy enough to fix.
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    the 4351s -- ooph...
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    3D printed ”pad holder” today. The grey thing attached to the driver unit with six screws. SR-007 ear pad in place. Then take the package and push it into the frame – done. Found a piece of aluminum net and with some black paint it will serve as grill. Exposed cable connections. Have to fix that some time.
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    Listened to this for the first time today. Pad is from a SR-007 and cable from an old Lambda and the rest is home made. The main parts are made with files from Wachara (chinsettawong). Many thanks. A lot more has to be done before it’s a decent headphone.
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    Just get on ebay and search for the tube types you need. Or just Google and there should be sellers like tube depot and the likes who sell new and used tubes.
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    We (Peter) will have the SR-009BK at AXPONA in Chicago this weekend if anyone wants to check it out
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    So Tice removed a deck at his job site, which is Armistead Maupin's former home. In his genius he recognized it to be Brazilian Ipe that was only screwed down from one side. The new owner eventually agreed to give the boards to the contractor and Steve's bosses gave them to him. Claire has been asking for an outdoor chaise lounge so Steve donated the Ipe and his skills to the project. Here is what the boards look like without any work and then a progression from weathered (as received) to planed to sanded and then to oiled with Tried & True linseed oil with beeswax. We chose a design from Restoration Hardware as the basis for Claire's chaise and essentially winged it from there. Here is the original and the final product with a side table, finished just before our vacation but built to last for many years. There is no stain or pigment in the oil so the finished look truly blew us both away. Thanks Steve for supplying the wood *snicker* and the knowledge and know how to make this come together.
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    This just in from the land of "grill adjacent". Eggs, sausage and potato medley. Step 1: Brown sausage, remove but do not drain fat. Step 2: In same pan, cook par-boiled potato chunks. Remove. Step 3: Add eggs, stirring in sausage and potatoes. Allow to setup and then remove to finish in oven.
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