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    Is Ted also a porn actor and / or AMSR producer and / or serial killer?
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    Speaking of Acros (first)... well, an Alien Skin simulation for Fuji users applied to a Leica DNG... still struggling a little with the M240 output, but love shooting with it. Here with a Voigtländer 35 f/1.7 Ultron. Finished in Snapseed for viewing on phone. No child was injured in the taking of these photos.
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    Some "Wasps" ? accompanying members of a club from the La Gomera island. In the first photo we are singing "Sexual Healing" while climbing a 13% ramp in the middle of a 1st mountain pass
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    Thanks for the podcast recommendation Ric. I finished the series this morning on my commute. I have not watched the series, but I found the podcast informative and engaging. (so many bad things). cheers.
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    Just wanted to post a quick update that I will be in LA for a certain Headphone show this coming weekend. I hate marketing posts and I am very grateful for Head-Case to let me post without asking for Sponsorship or just simply deleting my posts. So, I will respect that and will leave it at that. If anybody is interested and lives in the area, please feel free to test the RR1. I will have the KGSSHV, 252-S and E/90 with a STAX adapter to cover from low-end to high-end.
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    On All Things Considered, they had a bit about the perfect Father's Day Movie. I decided it was a good time to watch mine.
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    I remember Chris Evans saying Gordon Murray told him the V-12 manual Vantage was the best daily driver ever made. Edit: Sorry, that's the Brit Chris Evans, not Captain America. https://www.hotcars.com/top-gear-25-sick-cars-from-chris-evans-huge-collection/
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    I've got a chubby.... Yummy Aston! I guess there's no point in posting the 4-banger I drove yesterday...LOL HS
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    Went to my doctor about my hearing loss today. He said: ‘Can you describe the symptoms?’ ‘Sure,’ I said ‘Homer’s a fat lazy cunt and Marge has blue hair.’
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    Frank Sinatra - Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely [2018 stereo]
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    Looks like a nice HT receiver. I like the mdc on my M12, as it allows a bit of customization. I am glad they are expanding it to their other units.
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    Since getting the Oyster Perpetual, I’ve been manual winding it every other day, and while I enjoy doing it, I do wonder if the unscrewing and screwing is doing any harm. Now I’ve read some feel a watch winder is a great thing to have, whereas others think one is bad for a watch and a waste of money. Whether that’s true I don’t know, but I like the idea of putting my Rolex in one when going to bed, and it being ready to wear when I get up, it would also be a place to store my Rolex. I’ve been looking at different watch winders, and the one I like the most is that in the photos. It’s an Orbita Siena 1 burl Rotorwind, which imo not only looks very nice, but’s supposed to be well built. Thoughts here would be much appreciated.
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    Here's a little something I thought was pretty entertaining!
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    Meanwhile, Re: Chernobyl ... https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/06/12/chernobyl_influencer_scourge/ "perfect arse shot" #SMH
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    NAD is quality gear. Having owned Yamaha, Rotel and NAD gear I would go with NAD or Rotel over Yamaha. I would also look at what Marantz has to offer especially if you are interested in DSP.
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    I think I am going to go Yamaha R-N803 as it has built in advanced subwoofer management and room correction. I will also get to bi-wire the speakers which is fun.
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    Here's one of my dream cars, peak Aston Martin (the V12 Vantage V600 with 7-speed dogleg manual) – why are the best cars always the rarest?
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    A collection of videos of this cover band because the below graphic made me sad so many different ways.
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    Funny, I just started watching The Wire too for the first time. I'm only a few episodes deep.
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    Although I am loving reading about HS saga, time to interrupt it with something very impressing
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    For reasons somewhat detailed in other threads I have been training pretty aggressively this season. A couple of times so far I've decided to push, hard. This morning was one of those times.
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    Been exchanging some one-liners with a co-worker...I can't believe he never heard this one. What's Irish and comes out in the Spring? Patio Furniture....
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    Been a shitty bike week for me. Have only been riding indoors for months but I decided I should get my bikes summer ready. First I discovered that the braking area on my Mad Fiber front wheel is totally fucked: Contacted the company founder who confirmed I'm out of luck. Pissed off but figure OK I still have the other bike with Zipps to use. FML. Hopefully Zipp will fix but still out a lot of money to get back up and running. At least I wasn't riding either of them.
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