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    as a hacker - I love them too... especially all the IoT devices that don't update their firmware... easy ways in to all that juicy network data.. btw - I have no IoT devices (and would never grant them access to my home network - just the guest network for the internets - or just a separate IoT network) (end psa)
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    I will get it out of storage tomorrow and get back to you.
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    The comments under the vid are gold: “Throw it in the garbage – 0 seconds”; “This sounds like someone is narrating my unsuccessful foreplay”; “I'm buying this for somebody I hate” And many more.
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    As can hackers, like Mikey?, Remotely
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    I love my smart lightbulbs. It means I can turn the lights out in the living room from bed
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    and from the beverage collection it is a recent photo.
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    That whole room is a big win!
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    I have a Marantz AV7005 that has been sitting in its box in an air conditioned storage unit since we moved to Florida. It is yours for the shipping cost if you want it.
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    Thanks all. I went with the NAD T758 V3 it should be here on Wednesday.
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    Thanks for the podcast recommendation Ric. I finished the series this morning on my commute. I have not watched the series, but I found the podcast informative and engaging. (so many bad things). cheers.
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    If anyone ever gets a link to this please share. Russian TV to air its own patriotic retelling of Chernobyl story “Russian state TV is set to air its own drama about the deadly 1986 Chernobyl disaster – but unlike the HBO series, which has transfixed viewers around the world, this version will claim that a CIA spy was present for the worst nuclear accident in history.”
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    I love the Mac G5 as a media server.
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    Called the local audio repair shop and apparently the Classik often remains broken after the repair so it isn't worth doing I shall miss it.
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    Anyone watching Nicolas Winding Refn’s Too Old To Die Young on Amazon Prime? I’ve only seen the pilot so far, but it’s very [surprise] Nicolas Winding Refn. You know, good or bad, it’s some endpoint. Probably best to watch late into the night, after a couple glasses or other poisons. Prepare to move slow.