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    Previously: (not shown) Artisinal Lobster Mac and Cheese with Hobbs Bacon. Now: Fairfax Scoop Vanilla Honey Lavender and Chocolate Hazelnut
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    Watching it too. I readed the original comics many moons ago. Am happy they didn’t tone it down (yet, on episode 2).
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    Roast beef with yorkshire pudding, cauliflower, taters and rocket. Plus a cool strudel with figs and cheese and stuff in it (not pictured). Split moitié-moitié (still thinking in French)
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    The Killer Angels - Michael Shaara Wow. This was amazing. I'm not normally a fan of historical fiction but this is a hell of a book. The praise it gets and the reverence with which it is treated are totally deserved. If you have ever had any interest in military history, the civil war, or historical fiction this is an absolute must read.
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    German GP- First wet race of the year was as crazy as you could hope! So far this year, there have been a couple of yawners, but it would be tough to beat the excitement of the last 3!
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    New Casio on the wrist!
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    Well, since swimming season is over, no more A/B meets and kids are up in camp, what does that mean? Cycling, movies and tv binge. Finished the above 8 episodes, holy F. This is dark and intense. can’t wait for more of this. Loved it
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    Wine tasting. Oh Romeo oh Romeo...
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    At Cabo San Lucas. Picture is of lands end, the name is literal. That is where the Baja peninsula ends and the sea of Cortez meets the pacific ocean. Getting away from those areas is a must though. The other best thing besides the ocean. El pastor.
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