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    Karen and I gave a presentation to a group of doctors (M.D.s) at one of our local hospitals. It went over very well.
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    This came up on my random shuffle play... well - "Instruments of Darkness" came on - Quickly updated list to play entire album. Still a mastery of its time. And plays so well today..
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    I got the Pro Vega 48 only because it was reported that it ran cooler. Maybe that's been disproven but that's the only reason I paid for it. There have been none of the thermal throttling issues reported on earlier products. This machine runs much cooler and quieter than my Mac Pro's. The fan noise was one of my main issues with my cheese grater. The only times I've heard the fan on this one has been when an app crashed and froze and when installing some apps. I'm using OWC's memory cards and they seem fine. The price on them has is almost half of what it was a year ago when I bought my 64G.
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    Yeah, this is good. Thanks Dan
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    https://www.nextplatform.com/2019/11/22/arm-supercomputer-captures-the-energy-efficiency-crown/ ARM doesn't have to be low end, and apple's put quite a bit of effort into the platform...GPUs can easily do the heavy lifting.
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    Inside a Cambridge Audio A100 & C100.
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    Watching a couple of guys in dope spacesuits sitting on top of a tank of liquid o2 and hydrogen (I guess that's what they still use?). I have a feeling they're in for a big surprise! https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive Different stream
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    Don’t see a good place to stick this under speakers so placing here. Christopher Stringer worked on many of Apple’s biggest hits. Now, he’s getting ready to release a new series of smart speakers that could compete with Apple HomePod and Sonos. https://www.fastcompany.com/90508816/ex-apple-designer-to-launch-a-product-that-competes-with-apple-itself?partner=rss&utm_campaign=rss+fastcompany&utm_content=rss&utm_medium=feed&utm_source=rss
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    @Dusty Chalk
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    That's what she said.
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    Despite this being a bit of a monster diameter (46mm) does this look too large on my wrist? I am undecided. It’s my second Ball and I really like the larger version as they don’t omit the “3” due to the date window...
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    I agree - you will want more than one
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    They were like no-one else, before or since. I used to collect their 12" singles. If interested in deep diving, check out, And What Have You Done With My Body God? It has the untampered version of the original Beatbox, as well as a metric buttload of hard-to-find tracks.
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    I hope they change the freaking headband. The 007 Mk2 is one of the few headphones I straight up cannot wear. The self-adjusting headband strap is too tight and keeps pulling them out of place, and there is absolutely no articulation on the earcups at all, so they're never exactly right. Since the 007 is so fit dependent, I have to pretty much hold the earcups in place. Yeah, the 007 still sounds very good (modded, tweaked, etc) but if you can't use it, what use is it? Stax have a LOT of work ahead of them, and so far all we've seen is lackluster amps at twice the price they should be.
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    Matches their ride....
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    I'm surprised this has taken so long to be made. I've had an original, made in 1969 or 1970 (this was before they became crazy expensive), and it was too small and cheaply made. Of course NASA chose the JB Champion 19mm bracelet because it was fragile: if an astronaut caught the watch on something while floating in their capsule, it would likely break instead of breaking the spacecraft. It looked pretty cool, though. This looks really great. Better made and better sized (I care much less about "authenticity" these days). I dunno if I'll wear it on my old one or my new one. I bought the horned end version. The coupon code MOON gets you free priority shipping, for anybody interested. https://forstnerbands.com/products/forstner-komfit-jb-mesh-watch-band-with-horned-ends
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    How certain are we about this timetable?
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    I think you are safe for now. Apple's innovation has been slowed by delays at Intel in moving off the 14nm processing node. Unless Apple switches suppliers of their desktop and laptop CPUs to AMD they are going to be handcuffed to the Intel product release schedule. As such, any big improvements in CPU performance on the iMac line is probably 2-3 years off.
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    I'm still stoked about my 2019 iMac (8core) and while I wouldn't care to guess what the timeline and differences will be with the next gen, I have heard that there might be some cosmetic changes like a smaller bezel around the screen. For me, that kind of stuff becomes invisible quickly and I don't have folks coming over and passing judgement on my set up. Performance wise, my machine isn't invincible (I can bring it to it's knees with loads meant to put an unrealistic strain on it), but for what I demand, it's up to the task. I owned a couple of Mac Pro's before the iMac and at that time, it was worth being able to easily upgrade components to keep up with rapidly improving tech. But I don't see (or have) a need for that these days. So, maybe Apple will make a huge leap forward in the next year or two. If so maybe I'll upgrade to it in 6-8 years just for fun.
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    Think I'm the lonely admirer of these guys? This is a hugely self-indulgent album that's also a lot of fun, in my opinion, and impeccably produced at least.
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    ^ "Much better" is kinda a pretty fucking low bar. _________________________________________ Okay, this is what I'll be watching tomorrow... Moby Dick, San Francisco Opera, Saturday May 23, starting at 10am Pacific (or Sunday, May 24, at 11:59pm Pacific). FREE. 2 hr. and 22 min. seem long? You gonna read the novel? WHO'S IN? https://sfopera.com/opera-is-on/streaming/ The Whaling ship Pequod has been at sea for one week Below deck, the harpooner Queequeg prays and wakes Greenhorn, a loner new to whaling. Dawn breaks and while the crew raises the ship’s sails, Starbuck, Stubb, and Flask discuss Ahab, whom no one has seen since the ship left Nantucket. Ahab appears and tells the crew of Moby Dick, the white whale that took off one of his legs. He nails a gold doubloon to the mast and promises it to the man who first sights the whale. This is the real rea- son they have sailed, he explains: to destroy this one whale. His rous- ing call of “Death to Moby Dick!” excites everyone but the first mate, Starbuck. To no avail, he confronts Ahab about what he sees as a futile and blasphemous mission. Starbuck instructs Greenhorn about the dangers of whaling and is soon overcome with the prospect of never seeing his family again. Stubb sights a pod of whales, but Ahab will not allow the eager crew to hunt. From the crow’s nest, Queequeg and Greenhorn look over the world, while Starbuck bemoans Ahab’s madness.
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    Just ordered: KEF LSX: KEF R5:
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    Oh boy. I've been deathly ill for the last day+ because of a smoothie I made yesterday: Look innocent enough, doesn't it? I used organic protein powder, ice and milk now that I have some back in the house. I also added a small amount of Almased, which is some hippie powder I got a local shop ages ago. I used this stuff before and it has upset my stomach, especially if I use too much or eat it too late at night. Well, yesterday I had a small amount in the middle of the day. I started feeling bad around 8PM and by midnight I was praying for death. I slept last night fitfully and didn't get out of bed for most of the day. I did manage to eat a bowl of oatmeal today, but not much else. I'm still feeling week and have residual headache. Needless to say, I took the remainder of the container and dumped in my back yard. Blegh.
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    Until Saturday check out these dudes. Anyone who has read McCarthy's The Road try to make it 10 minutes. I dare you. "Very poorly written."
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