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  1. question for people from the north. what's your thought on how these fair in the cold? i normally just use these at the apartment or hospital, never outdoors, but as it gets colder, i'm wondering how even transporting these things in my bag is going to affect them.

  2. Last time I checked when someone says "lol" over the internet it means that they're laughing out loud. If that's the case no one can post what they're doing. :palm:

    seems like the number of newer members who haven't read their welcome pm has increased as of late...something in the air?

  3. Do they sell the cables separately, I have been able to find them on their site. I think it will be awhile before I'll be able to afford the JH13's but I'm interested in trying to find a cable for my Triple Fi's that will be a bit more manageable than the Null Audio cable.

    They do sell the cables separately. I bought a second cable for my JH13s to have one with a straight jack put on it instead of the right angle. Will have to get some soldering shit.

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