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  1. The funny thing is that 25 years from now a guy will be wanting to restore the same kind of car and can't find original speakers! I know I have been there while restoring old cars. ;)

    Well, first he would have to do some serious re-coning on these. They had dissolved after 22 years in Southern SUN.

  2. screwdriver and hammer...

    first seperate from the basket.

    but they are more fun if you leave the pole pieces on, the magnetic field

    at the center is much stronger that way.

    Hmmm, I may do that.

    Maybe just knock off the baskets and put them on the side of my Tool Box to hold tools with.

  3. Yup, the SR-007 drivers made out of stiff PCB material encased in a resin frame. That is in turn bolted to a massive piece of aluminum (for a headphone that is) that sits inside an aluminum ring which forms part of the rather unique headband assembly.

    I get really excited when you talk like this...

  4. Ah.......the Stax Space Sound CD. First time I heard it through an SRM-T1 and Stax Lambda Signature phones. First track, I asked the salesman to turn off the other music in the room - the guitar playing way over to one side. The first time there had been a complete suspension of disbelief - I was amazed when the salesman laughed and said take off the phones. The guitar player remained attached to the phones!! I still use that track to show people what is possible with headphones.

    Any idea where that CD might be found?

  5. If lurkers are eligible, I'd love a boardset and whatever stuff gets offered as a package with it.

    If 2SA1968 are sourced and available for anything close to $.70 ea, I will commit to buying couple hundred extra to bump up the volume discount.

    Back under my rock now ....

    I could use a triple fist full of those myself!

  6. Thats what I thought, unless you consider under the plastic ring another flap...but that just didn't make any sense.

    Anyways, the MK2 pads are pretty darn sweet. It seems to change the sound just a bit although it could just be my mind playing tricks. The bass seems a bit more present and the overall sound just very slightly darker. I quite like it, especially not having sweaty ears anymore! :)

    Sound perhaps less Synthetic and MOAR Organic?

  7. That's what I thought....Hitachi/Samsung it is then :)

    I've been snagging Samsungs and very happy with them, and some Hitachi's as well. They both are reviewed well.

    I'm looking for a deal on 6 2TB Sammy's

  8. So are hackers having any progress re-enabling the functionality? Last I checked they were but admittedly I haven't kept up to date on it.

    Last I had read, it was hit and miss depending on the SN drive you received. It seems that the newest SN drives aren't modifiable RE the TLER function in the FW.

  9. WHS doesn't use RAID, it's more of a file level mirroring that can be enabled so it works fine even with the newer drives (which make up half of the drives in it). I'm guessing you're referring to WD's decision to disable the TLER functionality? I thought that they completely disabled it on the newer drives and it wasn't accessible anymore?

    That's correct.

  10. right on, I appreciate the warning. Drobo doesn't use RAID, though they don't really tell you how exactly it works.

    I see, just read it's wiki page. Looks interesting. I remember looking at it some time back and it looked intriguing. There are certain calls that RAID makes to the HD firmware and if the WD doesn't do those, you'll be fine.

  11. Damn that's a lot of porn. What RAID are you planning to run?

    RAID 5 for the 12TB array , and a Dual 1 TB Mirror for Boot. I want my PORN fast and protected...

    Yeah, I definitely would not do Caviar Green in anything other than a backup situation (I.E. not as a primary drive, nor as a anything in a Raid or NAS).

    Caviar Blacks has the same issues unfortunately.

    Hitachi 2tb drives run well in raid, as do the Samsungs.

    I've been using Caviar Greens in my older Mediasmart for a while now with no issues, but WHS is not a typical NAS....

    I've switched to Hitachi and Sammy's as well. The older Caviar drives didn't have this issue. This is WD wanting you to pay to do RAID. There are folks out there hacking the functionality back into the HD firmware to try and restore what WD ripped out.

    i'm not really strong on the technical aspects of how the drobo do what it do, but a little light googling reveals they are an OK choice for a drobo. we'll see I guess.

    Nothing wrong with the DROBO, just possibly the drive you linked to. I just wanted to warn you about issues with the WD drives doing RAID. Lots of folks found this out the Hard($$$) way.

  12. Newegg.com - Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARS 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

    WD 2TB Green internals, $99.99 shipped after promo code, which requires you are subscribed to the newegg newsletter. i picked up two for the new drobo.

    All those WD's have problems doing RAID, thought you should know. WD wants you to buy their RAID certified drives for much more $$$ and they have turned off some functionality on their drives in this price range. Makes the RAID fall apart constantly.

    I'm looking for (6) 2TB drives for an array and can't use any WD's. I don't want to pay over $200 per drive.

  13. folks, lately when i place and take off my o2 from my head sometimes it emits a sound like a subtle fart. is this the infamous o2 fart ? if so what makes it happen? and it only happened lately not in the beginning when i bought it

    That makes it an Ol' Fart...

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