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  1. Okay, this may not be the most efficient way to solve autofocus detection problems (or is it the most efficient?), but definitely someone at Fuji is attacking from a different perspective. 

    Reminds one of the ever decreasing on-time San Francisco busing rates. After several failed attempts to fix they solved by eliminating the schedule. 

  2. The reason the great Jamaican stuff deepens over time, over years, not with nostalgia but with meaning and nuance, is that it's a spiritual music. That's the anomaly underlying its power... In the States, rock 'n' roll is always on some level a move away from God into the devil's music, but in Jamaica the cultural conditions were different. Pop grew toward Jah.


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  3. There were so many computer superstores I can no longer remember names, but think of when driving by their old locations. Still a couple Computer Centrals, though one near me burnt down a couple years back and the rest are pretty dead. Micro Center shrunk and vacated the area. It still seems strange Silicon Valley can't support a large store for quick pickups, when there was once so many. Guess it's all Amazon and fast delivery now, same as everywhere else. Will be strange not to be able to pick up things on a lunch run. 

    A ton of problems with Fry's over the years. I often wondered how Apple's big comeback affected them as they never really played in that space. And as Apple Stores popped up. Sold some Macs like Best Buy, but Fry's wasn't a general electronic store, though in the end tried to be. 

    This is worth a read - https://mondaynote.com/the-frys-era-8709a7e602eb 





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