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    They tried that whole defund the police thing here in Memphis  about 12 years ago.

    The 1st thing to go was all driving sense. I see people driving 55mph downtown

    and blow through red lights all the time. I see accidents everywhere I drive.

    They did a 180 and are trying to rebuild the police force.

    There is a suburb that enforces the speed limit with zero tolerance. And the crime rate there is a fraction

    of what it is around it. It literally drops like a rock at the city limits.

    I guess hoodlums don't like to be pulled over by police.

  2. If they send you a photo of an offense, sent they a photo of some cash.

    Only fair.

    They have red light cameras here managed by a private company. Since they are not

    really the government and they didn't give them any authority, people just ignore the 

    tickets. You'd think if they hired them to this, there would be some kind of legal backing.

  3. On 3/19/2021 at 11:17 AM, Playmusic said:

    Taking a step back and a nap is always good advice. Thank you.

    At the same time, my hearing is not good enough to differentiate in a shop environment between amplifiers without level matching the headphone. Before buying, I would like to be sure (to some extent) that I pick the right amplifier.

    Measuring the unloaded voltage in a Stax plug output up to 50 V looks safe to me with a CAT III 600 V DMM. On the other hand, bare wires in some configuration for loaded voltage measurements look less safe - for me and the devices.

    So, if anybody in this forum has ever tried to level match a single electrostatic headphone with several amplifiers for auditory comparison purposes then I would highly appreciate your feedback.


    test successful? User dead? inquiring minds need to know!!!

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  4. On 3/10/2021 at 10:20 PM, Knuckledragger said:


    I remember seeing those Nak racks in the showroom while stationed in Okinowa.

    IT cost about as much as a new Mustang.

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  5. I doubt anyone selling a stax amp is going to let you

    Probe about with a meter in their showroom.

    Not many private sellers either. I'm pretty sure you

    can pull the d10 from the list. Not enough power.

    The d50 and 353x are new enough I haven't heard them.

    A used srm717 would drive about anything well. 

    And if you didn't like it, it would be easy to resell.

    If you want it new,srm727. 

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  6. I think anyone who has been around audio for a while has owned a hd series headphone. 580,600,650, and 800

    were all big milestones. We can hope they don't screw this up. 

     A look through the other site's for sale stuff is a massive cluster of WTF

    headphone names nobody has ever heard of. I'm sure this hit their bottom line pretty hard.

  7. So they focus on pro audio, and most likely roll all the liabilities into the consumer market side before the sale.

    And the new outfit can't meet debt obligations and goes belly up. Seems to be a standard business trick

    of the modern world.

    That's what the fortune 500 company I used to work for did. Not a good sign for consumer products.

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