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  1. 3 hours ago, shellylh said:

    I am not sure that the situation in Russia will cause more major cyber crime in the US but I guess there is a good chance that it will or already has.  So to my network security friends here:  what should (and can) do to protect ourselves (besides having secure passwords, 2 factor authentication, and updating our operating systems)?  Obviously, there are bigger issue to worry about but I can’t do anything to stop attacks on the oil pipeline, banks, electrical plants, etc.

    There may be a few more targeted attacks. 

    In the IT dept I worked in last year, we had a 60" TV displaying attempted network

    intrusions. The topmost country was always China by far. Russia was always between 2-5

    on the list. Russia will no doubt move up the list, but they would have a hard time becoming 

    number one. The big issue in any IT dept is people based.  Careless browsing, people bringing

    In unsecured laptops from outside. And the fact that HR never told us when someone left.

    We had a ton of accounts active that should of been suspended.

    With office 365, they could still use their email months after they left. 





  2. Working on modern cars is always an injury waiting to happen. 

    Busted knuckles  are part of the process. I'm not looking forward 

    to changing sparkplugs on the v6 Camry. The cowl and the intake manifold

    need to come off.  I try to use mechanic gloves, but at some point they

    come off to get that hard to reach bolt out. And then you find that

    sharp edge.

  3. Believe me, I wasn't going to pay a lot.

    The number of people watching the item has soared.

    They will do what they always do, bid stax stuff up to

    Ridiculous amounts. I was kind of hoping the connector would 

    scare most people away.

  4. And to top it off there are research labs with 

    Dangerous pathogens in harm's way.

    No one seems to be able to clearly explain what

    They are or why they are there. Some reports are

    Animal virus research, all the way to Soviet era

    Bioweapons. The only clear message is they are




  5. On 1/24/2022 at 12:57 AM, Knuckledragger said:

    This is going to exceed the attention span of ...nearly everyone.

    I watched it tonight.  I found to be utterly fascinating.  It starts with the '08 housing crash, the birth of crypto and the "rise" of NFTs.  It confirms many of my prejudices and biases, but also covers a lot of areas where I frankly I had no fricken clue.  YouTube really is the best worst thing ever.

    I find the web 3.0 stuff a bit disturbing.

    Reality will bitch slap these guys sooner or later.





    They tried that whole defund the police thing here in Memphis  about 12 years ago.

    The 1st thing to go was all driving sense. I see people driving 55mph downtown

    and blow through red lights all the time. I see accidents everywhere I drive.

    They did a 180 and are trying to rebuild the police force.

    There is a suburb that enforces the speed limit with zero tolerance. And the crime rate there is a fraction

    of what it is around it. It literally drops like a rock at the city limits.

    I guess hoodlums don't like to be pulled over by police.

  7. If they send you a photo of an offense, sent they a photo of some cash.

    Only fair.

    They have red light cameras here managed by a private company. Since they are not

    really the government and they didn't give them any authority, people just ignore the 

    tickets. You'd think if they hired them to this, there would be some kind of legal backing.

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