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  1. two pairs for sale, no measurements. They did carry on at length that they were original and not knock offs.


    Just peeled up one side of the pad. They look to be correct.

    The lips fold under and adhere to the headphone,

    forming a pocket for the foam?

    Mine is long gone, but that looks to be its purpose.

    This is the 1st sets of sr80 new pads I've ever seen.

    I guess I should drop the $40. This ain't happening again anytime soon.


  2. 13 minutes ago, powertoold said:

    It's quite a shame, considering the Stax high end sound is basically "perfect" and "worth it" if you take care of the equipment to last 10-20 years. You can spend ~$6k on a system that provides 15 years of enjoyment, granted no technical issues appear with the headphones heh

    I guess headphones will always be niche because it messes up your hair :rolleyes:

    By the time a lot of us got to the point of owning Stax, there was a lot less hair to deal with.

    Other than maybe ear hair?:o

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  3. I used to buy new Brother laser printers for less than the toner cartridge.

    Same thing for a while with PTouch tapes. I was buying a new label maker

    for $10 with the tape. New tape was $20. They got smart and started 

    sending them both out with "starter: toner or "starter" tapes.

    They also jacked up prices on the tapes and toner. 

    I pretty much now hate everybody. Add Sony to the list I guess.

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  4. 1 hour ago, mainlythemusic said:

    Hmm, a few errors here. The GG has the Amanero USB board which is built in Italy. You will find that board is OEM in so many middle and high end DACs, if you slag that off, well slag pretty much every DAC off on the market then.


    Next point, the GG also has a FPGA DSD engine which BTW sounds better than PCM, which already sound damb good.

    Next point, tubes can and do special things in amplifiers we all know that here. Stop trying to tell us different with your 'spec sheets'. Why is some of the best electrostatic amps (sounding the best) running tubes? GG, BHSE (final stage) T2, Justins new amp TBC, various other lauded KG designs. Not saying SS isn't good, I have a nice SS power amp for my speakers. We can go on all day about tubes v SS but you cannot claim tubes are beating by SS as a matter of fact, as it is not fact. 

    Are you trying to say the current Sic Fet Carbon design beats all tube electrostatic amps, I don't think so. It is damb good, but not the absolute best IMO. Lets do a vote on here and see how many say it is v the T2, BHSE and GG shall we, which of course all use tubes in part of the gain stages.

    Have you personally heard the GG yourself? As for the power supply in the GG as 'off-bay' this kind of fake news is what they hate in the states. Lampizator have worked tirelessly for the last 10 years developing their circuits. They don't need to 'buy off ebay'. Pure BS. It is you who seems to enjoy buying of ebay while we are on this subject, fair enough to try stuff out. But don't accuse a manufacturer of that without the proof.

    Going back to you designing a tweaked up T2, didn't you try to build one before but it turned out to be a cluster fuck of a mess, and you bailed out?

    Next, why is your Carbon CC got a half size PS in it, seems like a big empty box with a big pre ice tag - opps.

    And many of your KGSShvs being mini style also have scaled done PS's. Bringing that up as you insist on talking about power supplies.

    Anything I missed?


    Apparently, everything so far. Tubes work ok for some things.

    A DAC is a horrid place for a tube. You want the tube sound, do it somewhere that doesn't 

    cause issues. And DAC electronics are pretty sensitive to HV.

  5. Ok, I've played with vintage stuff for years, so I should of done this 1st.

    Clean 30+ years of crud out of the switch, clean out the socket connections,

    I also cut back the wires to fresh copper and crimped on copper pins.

    Bass is there now. But the srd-4 still has the warmer sound. I didn't have 27 ohm

    wirewounds, so I doubled-up 68 ohm 3 watt for 34 ohms. Now both boxes pretty

    much sound the same. That was the only real difference, and with them in place

    on the srd-6 it changed the sound. The 4 is still just a bit warmer, but I prefer it this way.

    If I change my mind, I'll go find the proper 27 Ohm ones. In a pinch I could use the 6 with

    the 202's as well.

  6. I really am going to have to build a decent energizer. I built an exstata hybrid,

    which is ok, but with all the great designs out there it's about time to move up a couple of levels.

    The sr-80 and srd-4 should hold me over for a while. I think I'll gut out parts from the exstata

    and drop in some new boards.

  7. I don't see anything obvious. Thermistors appear ok, but that's pretty hard to really check. I'm going to have to unsolder them

    There's two on each channel in parallel. The rest of it looks ok. There are some differences in how they are built.

    The srd4 has larger, single thermistors on the input. it also  has  5 watt 27 ohm resistors in parallel with the transformers.

    The srd6 has a spot on the board for them, but doesn't have them installed.

    This is the big difference (other than bias tapped off one channel). I could see where this might change the

    sound signature. Guess I just need to accept the fact they have a different sound.

  8. I'll have to pop the top on the srd-6

    I'm sure there's not too much in there to go bad.

    The sr-80 is a bit lighter in bass than the sr-40.

    But the lack of side to side movement on the wire arc of the sr-40

    makes it hard for me to wear. The sr-80 fits much better.

    At some point I'm going to have to build a new amp for the sr-202's.

  9. I just bought a sr-80 and srd-6 to use with my second system. It sounded pretty good, no balance issues.

    But some bass stuff was not up to par.. I thought it was just the nature of the sr-80's.

    On a whim I hooked it up through a srd-4 I had sitting around. There's the missing bass. The cutoff point was lower.

    The overall sound was warmer as well. Are the two boxes that much different, or is there an issue I need to check for?

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