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  1. I don't like to get too political either, but it's too late for that. Everyone here knows I'm a liberal Democrat. I do however believe in crossing the isle to work with Republicans to get things done. That is just becoming increasingly impossible with what has become of the Republican party.

    Dianne was an amazing politician. Her accomplishments are too vast to mention here. Not only a role model for women, but a role model for anyone that believes our Government has a role to play in helping it's citizens. I'm sorry she didn't live long enough to see the ultra MAGA contingent ousted.

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  2. 4 hours ago, n_maher said:

    You'd have to be very careful with that recipe as too much pepper skin will make them very bitter. I left the skins on once and the chili was nowhere near as good.  Would take quite a bit of "to taste" type manipulation to be good but very well might be worth it.  And pork enchiladas verde are one of my favorite things that I do not make myself.  I should change that. 

    My parents owned a Mexican restaurant in Anchorage for a short time while I was growing up. 

    The Chili Verde we served at that restaurant was pork based. But it was very different from almost all other Chili Verde I've ever had, by necessity. 

    At that time in the 70's, tomatillos were not available in Alaska. So the previous owner of the restaurant developed a recipe where the 'Verde' was greens based. I think it was a combination of mustard and collard greens. It sounds weird, but it was actually delicious. In fact I still crave it all the time, with no way to quench that craving, as the recipe has been lost for decades now.

    I just think it's kind of interesting that a complete re-thinking of a popular recipe out of need could develop a very different, but equally delicious variant. 

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