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  1. When I was at Al's Brother Tom's house for Thanksgiving yesterday, I came upon this log that was cut from a fallen tree. I realized that I  had about 20 minutes before dinner would be served and I happened to have a 1/4" chisel in my pocket that I forgot to put away, so...



    It just happened to fit on this metal stand that they had.

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  2. Prepping my contributions to the enormous Bedecarre clan Thanksgiving dinner.

    First is Texas Trash (Chex mix).

    Second is my best dish, and a holiday tradition in my family. My homemade macaroni and cheese. Guaranteed to clog at least one artery. 4.5 lbs. Cheese (Tillamook cheddar and pepper jack) 1 qt. heavy cream, 1 qt. sour cream, 1 lb. bacon (crumbled) and 2 lbs. macaroni.

    Third is a recipe I've not made before. An internet find. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with browned buttered hazelnuts and pickled shallots. 

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