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  • Biography
    I'm a guy named Jan and stuff and thangs
  • Location
    Salt Lake City
  • Interests
    expensive ones, unfortunately, didn't plan it that way....Astronomy, Bicycling and, of course, audio
  • Occupation
    Ex opera singer, current Whimsical amature assassin, pro-bono
  • Hobbies
    Evolved (or de-volved) from Home Audio to Car Audio to portable/headphone audio
  • Headphones
    a bunch of Grados and Senns, One AKG and even a Bose Triport along with some others
  • Headphone Amps
    My Yammy lives at home and I always bring my Mustang or Microshar U109 with me on the road (which is a lot)
  • Sources
    iMod only at present, home rig still under construction
  • Other Audio Gear
    Just don't ask me to list all of the junk I used to own
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