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  1. I only listened to the Viva electrostat amp with the X9000s and after going between Kerry's T2, a BHSE and the Grand Cayman, the Viva just felt... sad. Within 10 seconds I knew it was not doing a good job, just sounded kind of weak and laid back in a bad way.

    Plus, a $17K amp using the same shitty plastic sockets you can buy for 20 cents while paying extra to have the screws holding the thing together engraved with the brand name? Seriously not impressed.

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  2. On my train and running on schedule. Unsure how long it will take to get to Brooklyn but I will definitely appreciate lunch. 

    Edit: about 35 minutes according to my phone, 1230 or a little after should work for me.

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  3. My train is supposed to arrive just before noon tomorrow to Penn Station. I can't check into the hotel until 4 so I will definitely need lunch and likely refreshments. I can head towards Court Street Grocers as soon as I get in.

    Beyond that, I have no concrete plans at all this weekend, just looking to enjoy the time.

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  4. I am scheduled to get in on Friday around noon so once I check in, it'll be a game to find the rest of the crew. Definitely down for dinner Saturday but I have nothing else to add as this will be my first time actually spending time in NYC.

    Edit: Have I mentioned I am excited to see some of you for the first time in like 8 years? I am very excited.

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  5. On 8/19/2022 at 4:27 AM, JoaMat said:

    It’s an awfully warm summer here in southern Sweden and it’s too hot to sleep… did this last night…


    An attempt to make a smd version of CFA3. Same board size as the smd version of Dynahi I built some months ago.

    Lots of more work… doubt I’m capable to get this to work though.

    I am into this. I have been thinking about a CFA3 and an SMD version appeals to me a lot. Hope you can get it working!

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