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  1. Nods low impedance, low efficiency is the killer here. OTL typically is high output impedance and current limited compared to transformer models. Just means a low dampening factor and potential to not be able to play at high levels. Key here is typical, not guaranteed. I mean Duggeh's? ortho measured in at 98%? THD and he likes it =)

    I generally don't listen at high volume levels. ex. I can still hear someone talking while wearing the 650's. I'm not sure how a low dampening factor would translate when actually listening though.

  2. This certainly is a tough decision, but I'm pretty sure in the end I'll end up with a pair of headphones that sound incredible.

    Can someone explain why the LCD-2's and HE-5LE's wouldn't be the ideal choice for an OTL amp? I'm more curious than anything, it's not really going to prevent me from purchasing either as I understand that while not ideal, it doesn't mean they can't sound great out of the WA2.

    As much as Stax intrigue me (A LOT), right now they're out of the question. I just want something I can plug into my WA2 and enjoy.

  3. I have listened to both the HE5 and HE5LE and IMO the HE5LE is smoother, more open, and engaging. It does more things right than the HE5, at least to my ears and with jazz. Have not listened to the HE6 nor the LCD2 so I can not comment on those. Good luck.

    These are looking pretty good to me right now, and they're even cheaper than the other headphones I was considering. Thanks for the thoughts!

    I should probably update my sig at somepoint, I actually don't own any of the headphone gear listed there anymore :).


    You're better off just removing it all, are you still changing gear like underwear?

  4. Thaddy, I'm going to leave character here and actually answer seriously.

    I think the LCD-2 is the right choice, and I'm recommending them because they are so envolving and fun to listen to. There are more technical headphones, but Orthodynamics are just so enjoyable, and the LCD-2 is the top tier of Orthos IMO. I will most certainly obtain a pair at some point myself.

    Thanks for the advice. I've spent a few days reading about the T1's, LCD-2's, and HD800's and it seems (again, based on what I've read) that I would enjoy the LCD-2's the most. Should I also be considering the HE-5's?

    The answer, as given earlier, is Stax. But don't do anything with the 650 before that move; you will regret it. The 650 is just one of the best dynamics out there; to me, it even sins right. If you must, pick up a pair of HF-2s to mix it up for a bit. But in the end, Stax.

    I've been in denial for quite some time about purchasing a Stax setup, one of these days I'll put together a 'stat setup, and the 650's aren't going anywhere.

  5. If you're going to tell me to listen to different music, at least begin by asking what music I already listen to. That's like a doctor giving me medicine before asking what my symptoms are. I don't think my original question was very difficult, and I expected a few tongue-in-cheek comments but nothing like "listen to music that isn't boring." I'm probably being a bit salty, but it's my thread and I'm having problems walking because my back is killing me.

    And Rush is not boring.

    Anyways, although I hated Grado's in the past I'd be willing to give them a shot again. Will the WA2 being an OTL design be a horrible match with their 32 Ohm drivers?

  6. ...and I get the urge to try something better. They need to be single-ended and will be driven by a WA2. Tesla T1's? LCD-2's? HD800's? I have no clue which ones will play nicely with this amp, but I'm really after something that will be a bit more fun to listen to without sacrificing details and resolution. In technical terms, this probably means low end frequencies that don't fall off as much as the 650's (that's one of my main gripe's). I have no clue though, as I'm not nearly as technical as the large majority of people here, however I do know what I like and dislike. I love the HD-650's but have the urge to try something different.

    Commence ball busting, I'll check in later to clean things up.

  7. If you have a good DAC which has S/PDIF input (preferably BNC), you are using a cheap transport, or you want or are forced to use USB or optical, which are less than great, then these things help IMO. Ideally though, the last connection should be 75 Ohm BNC to BNC.

    I am limited to USB or Optical with my PC, which is why I decided to pick up one of those coaxial HiFace dongles and a shielded 75 Ohm coax cable to run into my DL III DAC.

    PS - Why BNC over coaxial?

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