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  1. 15 hours ago, spritzer said:

    Those look great and reminded me to post this, a possible cable for DIY electrostatics:


    I just got some but have as of yet not done HV tests on it or anything but it's nice and supple, if a bit thin.  Well worth a punt and reminds me of the Koss wire but not double insulated. 

    I’ve used something similar with one of my headphones for a while now.  It’s been OK.  Yes, it’s not double insulated and it’s not as soft as the Koss cable.


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  2. Thanks for all the good advices.  I change the air nozzle to a bigger one so that it has slower air velocity, and set the temperature to a bit higher, and now it goes a lot better.  :)

    I still have a long way to go though.

    By the way, the smell of the flux is really bad.  Do you guys wear a mask or use a filter fan when doing the hot air soldering?  


  3. Wow!  I tried to solder some SMD resistors today using solder paste and hot air.  It’s so difficult!  I turned the air down to the minimum already, but as soon as the solder started to melt the resistor got blown away.  Is there any good tip for a beginner?

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