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  1. I don't get it either. I think the Olympus designers missed the point. Those of us who used to shoot film are hankering for a digital camera that handles like our old film bodies & has resolution & dynamic range that approaches our old film medium.

    I want a shutter speed dial. I want a real aperture ring. I want an ISO dial. I want the brightest, clearest viewfinder to make it easier to manually focus. I want lenses with markings to allow for easy zone prefocusing. Fuck LCD's with buttons, & menus, & submenus.

    Making the same digital camera, controls and all (or lack thereof), in the shape of a classic OM camera does not cut it, imo. But what do I know...*shrug*

    oh man that sounds so great. I still prefer using the nikon f3 over the 5d mkII.

  2. Looks interesting. I'd still need something more silent I'm afraid. I'm resisting to get an iMac since last spring... I should wait for the next generation grin.gif

    Its not too difficult nowadays to get a completely silent computer if you stick with SSDs and a low power cpu. My i5 setup (pretty similar to grahame's) is overall pretty damn quiet but not silent.

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