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  1. 4 hours ago, dsavitsk said:

    there have not been leaps forward in DAC design in the last couple of decades

    I'd say that affordable delta-sigma DACs have become way less annoying. And the advent of R2R for less-than-MSB prices at least for me make hunting for rare old multibit chips largely redundant.

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  2. ATC is pretty cool, if a little overpriced. I consider a used SCM40 to be the best deal, as it's the easiest way to enjoy their dome mid. Probably the SCM20 will also cut the proverbial mustard, but I'd try to get the active version as it's extra special.

    For less cashmonies Neumann KH310 is also quite delectable.

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  3. So, one channel of the CFA3 is assembled. As expected, it's acting funny!


    On the amp board only that LED stays lit. The four LEDs near the input stage only briefly light up when I'm powering on. The fifth outermost LED is dark no matter what.

    I have no problem biasing the output stages to 180mA, but have no idea how to do it for the input stage.

  4. I've owned the Mini Griptillian which I lost during an airsoft battle and now daily carry a 940. I agree that they aren't a super great value, compared to say Kershaw, but I like the axis lock too much to complain. Generally I find the 940 to be the smallest big knife out there. It's super thin and the S30V steel holds a great edge, but sharpening them is a challenge.

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  5. Yeah, it's really nice! I think many people got put off by the advertising which made it look like a Stranger Things wannabe. The picture is superb and the OST is more than great.

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  6. 8 hours ago, blessingx said:

    I dunno, man. For one bringing up Billie's style of singing as something new shows that the writer isn't familiar with crooning which appeared together with more sensitive mics.

    As for boosting bass, most headphones have a low end response that is superior to most of the stuff out there. Boosting bass even more seems unnecessary.

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