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  1. I made quite the discovery today.  In the early 2010s, I bought a lot of indie video game bundles from a variety of sites.  A number of them no longer exist (Indie Royale), have been sold to a much larger company (Humble Bundle) or have mutated into storefronts (Fanatical, who used to be *mumble*).  One oddball from that era was Groupees.  Strange name, even stranger site.  They sold product keys for Steam, Desura and ShinyLoot (the latter two no longer exist.)  They often included comic books in PDF format and lots of music in their bundles.  As part of the massive data migration I've been working on for a year now, I went through some ancient bundle detritus.  Among the files was a bunch of stuff from Groupees.  Out of curiosity, I checked their site out.  They're still very much active, primarily selling indie music now including a bunch of synthwave(!)  I was surprised to see that they didn't have no-name artists either.  For example: https://groupees.com/occamslaser

    Occams Laser is the \m/ of synthwave.  There is nothing chill about the music he makes.  It's like the soundtrack to an action/horror movie from a much cooler version of the 1980s that never existed.  I own a bunch of his EPs and I'm still buying that bundle because there's a couple on there I don't have in FLAC.

  2. So funny thing.  I'm not trying to turn this mostly dead thread into Knuckles' Tales of Slow Death By Indigestion, buuut....

    After my bad experience with the "biohazard" powder, I bought 3 new varieties.  Two organic ones (expensive, from Walmart of all places) and one reasonably priced kind (Aldi's in-house "Millville" brand, marketed toward weight lifting meatheads):


    To say this stuff didn't agree with me would be an understatement on par with "Donald Trump is not up to the job."  I consumed a decent amount last Thursday.  I was still feeling ill on Monday.  The nausea, fatigue and headaches I was experiencing kept returning every day.  I should interject at this point that there's something wrong with me not related to a food allergy ("we've know this for years, Knucks.")  Yesterday, due to the heat, I almost lost consciousness while standing in my upstairs bathroom.  I then had to take a non-optional nap in the middle of the day where I had a hellacious fever dream where an infamous YouTuber named Keemstar (someone I never voluntarily watch) was doing a very loud dance that was making me sick.  I was begging him to stop and a guy I haven't seen since high school nearly 30 years ago was insisting to me that "it wasn't that bad."  I eventually forced myself awake from this nightmare.  I felt kind of weird the  rest of the day.  I haven't exactly felt okay today, but I've been comparatively much better.

    So...  smoothies.  I have, uh, 15 lbs of ice cubes that I bought because of that 28 hour power outage I had recently..  I'm determined to use as much of it as possible for smoothies.  I also have (as previously mentioned) a shit-ton of bananas, that don't keep for shit in this weather.


    Two bananas, a bit of milk, a bunch of ice and some "Earthly Choice Great Day Goji Cacao Superfood Blend" powder.  I didn't pick the name.  Full of nut and twigs (or so it tasted).  Actually quite good.  



    As above, but with "Better Body Foods Organic Cacao Powder."  Also very good.  Chocolatey and rich.  A little bit of this powder goes a long way.  As a bonus, neither of the above put me on a 5 day bender of nausea or prompted me to nearly lose consciousness.   So I've got that going for me.

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  3. sy3CkNZ.jpg


    Current gear in rotation. Wilson Audio WATT Series 3-Puppy 2 speakers Luxman L10 integrated amp Thorens TD-125 MKII w/Denon DL-160 cart Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 DAC w/Burson V6 Classic OpAmps

    I picked up the Wilsons a couple of weeks ago for $500. I installed new foam surrounds on the woofers and they sound incredible. I’ve gone through probably 30 pairs of speakers in the last 3+ years and nothing comes close to what I’m hearing with the Wilsons.

    They image incredibly well and I’m hearing things I’ve never heard on recordings before. I initially had them hooked up to my McIntosh MAC 4100 but I think they sound better with the Luxman. The Luxman is only 55 watts but it seems to be plenty. The Wilsons replace a pair of ADS L1290 that I loved but couldn’t compete with the Wilsons. I sold them to a friend the day after I refoamed the Wilsons.


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  4. RrG3uqE.jpg


    MONITORING SYSTEM ATC SCM50 - Mains JL Audio Fathom f112v2 - SubWoofer Crane Song Avocet IIa - Monitor Controller Focal Twin Shape - Nearfields Dynaudio BM5 MKII - Third Pair


    Mastering Console MASELEC MTC-1X Mastering Transfer Console

    Equalizers and Compressors MASELEC MEA-2 Precision Stereo Equalizer MANLEY Massive Passive Stereo Tube Equalizer SPL IRON Variable Bias Tube Mastering Compressor


    METERING TC Electronic Clarity-M

    COMPUTER AND DRIVES iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019) 3.6 GHz 8-core 9th-generation Intel Core i9 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 1TB SSD storage Samsung T5 - 2TB - SSD - External Drive

    DAW & PLAYBACK Pro Tools Izotope RX HOFA Mastering Suite Logic Pro Techincs SL-1200 Turntable - J33 Radial Phono Preamp

    PLUGINS & DSP Weiss Oek Sound FabFilter Izotope UAD Plugin Alliance DMG-Audio UAD Satellite and Apollo - 14 Cores

    PREAMPS, DIs & I/O API 3124 BAE Audio 1073MP FMR Audio RNP Radial Engineering J33 Radial Engineering J+4 Stereo Line Driver Apollo 4X Apollo Twin Apollo 16 I/O Bittree Pro Studio TT Patchbay

    Located: Cuenca - Ecuador


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  5. iN2QzOi.jpg



    So I put my rack of components in the back. Not a new idea, many do a rack mount, but more often than not we see components neatly and properly displayed in the front of the listening space.

    What you see is:

    KEF Q900 7.2

    Brand new Emotiva Differential Reference XMC2 processor

    Emotiva XPR3 3-channel amp

    Emotiva XPR5 5 -channel amp

    Emotiva XDR2 Differential Reference DAC

    Oppo BPD-103D video processor and player

    Denon Professional DN700h DLNA audio source

    Two Monster HTs1700 line conditioners

    Hewlett-Packard Procurve 10Gbit managed switch

    Furman lamp

    Sony PS4

    Xbox One

    Apple TV HD

    Epson 3800 home cinema projector

    Elite Screen 120”

    And a lot of Scotch

    The audio is superb after Dirac Live correction. My sources are typical FLAC and Dolby Atmos sources.


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  6. Man, bananas do NOT keep in this heat.  I bought a bunch earlier this week and they were already barely edible.  I threw three of them into my blender along with some ice and (non biohazard) protein powder left over from the above:


    The end result was not bad.  The truth is 3 bananas (especially squishy ones) blend down in to remarkably little volume.

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