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  1. 41 minutes ago, aokman said:

    I’m confused… there is at least 6 Omron relays in your pictures and probably more protection inside the NCFA modules.

    Omron relays you are talking about are small ones designed for small signals, small voltages, small currents.

    They are there for many reasons but protection delicate electrostatic drivers from overloading ...

  2. I had X9k over the week at home - my wife and kids decided it is not better than 009 and 007 mk1.

    The lack of impact and energy in bass region  was the problem for them, not imaging.
    Personaly I liked them, but didn't feel like this is my cup of tea.

    In my opinion they are very different to 009, are little closer to my Omega with 007Mk1 drivers.

    Would be nice to have them in collection and try them with different amplifiers, but after all I abandoned that idea.

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  3. 8 hours ago, spritzer said:

    Also the CRBN's does things the 007's just don't do well, ease of fitment for one...

    For example what CRBN's does better?

    I have no chance to even look at one pair of CRBN, but I want to be well prepared when it happen :)

  4. 8 minutes ago, spritzer said:

    That's probably the mesh stator but I have very little enthusiasm for this.  All of the Stax prices are now nuts so this is probably going to be 10k$ or more. 

    That is really sad true - they are doing little progress or even backward lately but prices always go significant higher :(

  5. Thin membrane is not everything in electrostatic world. So I would love to hear them before making any judgment.

    Good news they didn't try to develop their own plug's standard and used well known Stax style.

    It would be also nice if their new headphones would kick Stax to start developing something better and new more quickly before I die .....

  6. 1 hour ago, Doc Brown said:

    and another ones bites the dust. 3 month old purchased new in Dec 2020. Right speaker cuts in and out and distortion at low volumes. 

    I understand that it was new but was it version from the new production with small case and two different cables, or the older one that was sitting somewhere on the shelf?

  7. On 11/29/2020 at 5:07 AM, hekoman said:

    I am attempting to repair a SRA-3S and I am having trouble trying to figure out the value of two of the caps on the first card. I can read on one of them that they are rated for 50V, but all other marking have been worn off. I tried looking online for pictures of the card, but I can't find any pictures online that are high enough resolution to read the values.

    Any one that has one of these amps and can read the values on theirs would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!



    I have one unit, that is not working, but I opened it and it is obvious that both caps are 220 nF/50 V and they are input caps.

  8. In my opinion the direct sun light means direct UV that is degrading many materials.

    I think that plastic dust cover is not transparent for UV and it means you shouldn't worry about it.

    But probably more dangerous is heat  from sun light. If you do not have windows with infrared filters on the glass (for example I have), it is better to place Stax in the shadow.

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  9. Really nice looking stands.

    At this moment I have Quads ESL63 and I have no more space for another pair of speakers ?

    But I maybe I will give a try them stacked :)


    Do you know that section with highs are on the opposite side when you flip speakers upside-down?

    For sure the holographic can be better if speakers are in mirror.

    I have rewired them and the effect is amazing !!!


  10. Ah, you have one kit for one channel?  I see why you didn't do so much with it ...

    And true, only simple baffle for one driver should be enough + some quick driver, did you consider Accuton? I have speakers with midbass and high from Accuton - for me the great drivers, and really quick for ESL.

  11. Open baffle for computer with small box at the bottom for electronics and maybe some little RIPOL (I have no idea if RIPOL can be made such small).

    But this is what I'm thinking about. Those Stax speakers are to wide for my bench ?

  12. The open area (I mean the window where stators are open to outside) is 161x92 mm

    The one stator is 104x171 mm (50x171 mm one part, mind the gap in the middle between stators in one driver).

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  13. I don't have any measurements  except Stax data on picture.

    What is the biggest surprise? This is 3 way project !

    There are two diaphragms but 8 stators.

    Looking from the back of the speaker:

    the left driver is full playing bass and lower mids. The right driver is two way system. The very right part is playing bass and all mids. And the second part is driver with full signal from transformers.




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