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  1. Just now, HemiSam said:

    Looks very retro, ER.  I like it.

    Sorry about the NS...you're far too young to be dealing with that.


    It would look great on your FOIS.  Send me your address, Sam.

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  2. The JB Champion reissue looks great, but something I didn't expect is that my hands have gotten bad enough (I have been diagnosed with neuro-sarcoidosis, and I have tremor and loss of sensation in my fingertips) that I can't get the thing to adjust when I'm wearing it. I'll happily send it to any Head-Case Speedy owner who would like it, just pay shipping.  I used most of the adhesive lug protectors, so you would want to buy some of these


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  3. 13 hours ago, HemiSam said:

    I looked at them.  Might do one of these days.  I've got a couple of NATO's for another watch that should work for a test spin.  If I ever get the JR band off of it I might just try them.  Haven't quite got there with the NATO's thus far other than on a more casual watch.  I'm behind the times...LOL


    I guess it helps having more than one Speedy, so you can have one casual and one more formal: hint hint :)

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  4. On 5/9/2020 at 11:24 PM, luvdunhill said:

    Anyone have any experience removing a laser engraving from case back?

    It is likely possible to fill the engraving using a laser and bar stock, and then polishing it out. It's a pretty common jewelry technique, these days.  What is the base metal, 316L? Laser engraving is usually pretty shallow, so I would just have it polished out.

  5. I will definitely post pics! And that strap you had made is beautiful. The Speedies work so well with so many kinds of bands. It totally changes the watch. 

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  6. I'm surprised this has taken so long to be made.  I've had an original, made in 1969 or 1970 (this was before they became crazy expensive), and it was too small and cheaply made.  Of course NASA chose the JB Champion 19mm bracelet because it was fragile: if an astronaut caught the watch on something while floating in their capsule, it would likely break instead of breaking the spacecraft.  It looked pretty cool, though. This looks really great.  Better made and better sized (I care much less about "authenticity" these days). I dunno if I'll wear it on my old one or my new one.

    I bought the horned end version.  The coupon code MOON gets you free priority shipping, for anybody interested. 


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  7. 41 minutes ago, n_maher said:

    There's definitely a part of me that would like to try a charcoal-based solution, a friend swears by his Weber Smokey Mountain, but I don't want to end up with something that I don't use. 

    I hope you find a solution that works for you best, Nate.  I'm vegan and wearing a kimono, so what the hell do I know?

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  8. 5 hours ago, n_maher said:

    Smoke. I use the gas grill for cooking duty.

    And Reks, yes that works, but part of what makes the electric so appealing is setting it and no tending. No worrying if the fuel burns out or if the temp gets too high or too low. Less mess to clean up (although they all are messy).

    Gotcha.  I'm just a fan of the simplest solution that works, these days. :) My smoking these days is in the form of tofu and my Smoking Gun, anyway. 

  9. 1 hour ago, n_maher said:

    Made what is likely simply as aesthetic upgrade to the Menace TC - replaced the naked Antec .  Funny to be tinkering with it 11 years after building it. 


    Old Antec


    God, it feels like it wasn't that long ago when this was brand new.  We is old, Nate. 

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  10. That’s a beautiful piece, as I remembered. I’ll go to the store tomorrow. Was going to go today, but panic attack. I really, really wish I had a BSL3 suit. 

    I bet the 39mm Speedy wears beautifully. Better than my 42mm Pros.The GMT 2 looks like a monster in comparison. 


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  11. I really like my Apple watches, but I understand. I might switch to a GMT Master for the afternoon, if I can find a bottle of gin in my pantry...

    No gin found. I knew there wouldn’t be any. 

    How does the FOIS wear? I have a pre-moon and a current pro, but I’m not that familiar with how other Speedies (and yours is a beauty) wear. I am down to a 6.5 inch wrist now, but I honestly think the Pros wear smaller than my 116170LN, though bigger than the 1675. 

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  12. I'm wearing mechanicals for the first time in weeks.  Why don't they unlock my computers when I walk nearby? Anyway, attached is a comparison of JLC and Cartier blued-hands. I think the JLC hands are a bit nicer, at least on a less-than-sunny day. There is a slight variation in the thermal-bluing, so I'd say that all of these are hand-blued, but the JLC hands are done slightly slower, which is why they pop so much. 



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