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  1. 7 minutes ago, n_maher said:

    I know I'm in the minority but my 7 plus still feels fine.  I like that the display doesn't have a notch and that I don't have to look at it to unlock it or pick it up to see what time it is or if I have any notifications.  Its camera still takes great pictures and it costs me $0 to keep using.

    That's a very good attitude, Nate.

  2. Since my bracelet was mentioned here, new bracelets seem like a reasonable post. It looks like three, but it's two. One is Gucci (not a brand I would usually wear, but I really like this; it has cat heads on the inside of the cuff ends!) and the other is a vintage-styled mesh-and-ring.   


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  3. On 9/4/2019 at 12:33 PM, SeaWolf said:

    Current generation rolex could step up the whole box, included cards, books etc. Especially on their higher end models. 

    The boxes and things may get larger but the quality of the materials printing etc is just unimpressive compared to what other brands offer. 

    See, I don't see it that way at all.  The giant Speedmaster luggage (I can't describe it any other way), for instance, just screams "inferiority complex," to me.  The shittiest modern luxury watch boxes I've experienced so far are Cartier; the clasps on the box break almost immediately, and they are just cheap.  It doesn't bother me: they don't need fancy boxes, because they are Cartier. The JLC ones are very nicely made (hardwood and calfskin), but they also aren't anything "special."  The Maurice LaCroix box I had on my Masterpiece was very nice, being made of zebrawood (later ones were zebrawood patterned resin), but they still just went into a storage box. I do rather imagine that somebody who has bought a Speedmaster Pro as their first good mechanical watch would be pretty damned impressed, though, upon opening it: it's certainly an involved unboxing.

  4. 5 hours ago, dsavitsk said:

    My mother stopped by my house the other day. While looking for her key to the back door*, she set her Macbook (2013 MBA I believe) down on the table that was sitting there. Unfortunately, that table turned out to be a tile wetsaw, and she consequently plunged her computer into a water bath.

    We dried it off and covered it with rice to no avail. The Apple store has declared it dead and sold her a new computer. Fortunately everything important was backed up. But, are there any tips or tricks to either salvaging the computer, or at least to recovering the non-essential stuff that might not have been backed up?


    * the clear moral here is to not give your mother a key to your house.

    Rice doesn't do much, you need a proper desiccant.  Take the computer as completely apart as you can, put the components in fine mesh bags, and bury the bags in silica desiccant gel. If you have silica crystal cat litter, this would work, though it's not as optimized for this sort of absorption as finer gel is.  Leave it for a few days.  This method isn't a guarantee, but I've used it to salvage machines, including a couple laptop computers that were soaked by a faulty fire sprinkler (those sprinklers are full of nasty water, so I cleaned everything with distilled water before drying).  The one thing that is very difficult to take care of is water inside the screen, but some screens are sealed better than others.

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  5. Slightly later Rolex booklets are less interesting, regardless of whether it was my dad's or not. 


    That 1680 is in a safe deposit box.  Noon pearl intact.

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  6. Beans make a huge difference on pour over and French press, and even just drip. I've been given pounds and pounds of Starbucks coffee for free, over the years, though.  It's not what I buy; I typically like fruity, low-acid beans for pour over (I mostly do pour over, these days).

  7. 9 minutes ago, grawk said:

    That doesn’t match my experience at all. Beans make a huge difference. Unless you like French or Italian roast espresso blends of course.


    Yes, you have to have the right grind, temperature, roast profile, pressure and temperature profile during extraction, but all that is just a skill. Beans are the difference between Starbucks and awesome.

    Mysore coffee is why I roast my own. I can get them when they’re available and have roast them when I want them.

    Starbucks baristas by and large don't know what they are doing, and wouldn't have the time to apply skill even if they had it.  I've made amazing espresso with Starbucks beans. You slightly under-extract with dark roast beans and use a slightly coarser grind.

  8. For espresso, I've kind of come to the conclusion that, as long as the quality is semi-decent, the beans are the least important aspect: grind and extraction will have much more of an effect on the flavor.  Pour-over is different, of course.

    On 8/25/2019 at 11:51 AM, HemiSam said:


    I looked up Indian coffee out of curiosity.  Is this where you whip coffee, sugar and a bit of liquid into a frothy paste?  I've seen some make "Cuban" coffee this way before.


    India is a big place: I'm sure coffee is made many different ways there.

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  9. Interestingly, the strap hasn't caused me any issues, so far.  The leather strap on the Santos gave me a rash within about 10 minutes. I really adore this watch.  I have wanted a Drive Extra-Flat since they were announced. I get 20% off at my local AD, on Cartier (thanks to my mother who has bought many pieces from them), which I think is reasonable.

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  10. Of course Dunhill waits until the last morning at the AirBNB to finally figure out how to go up and down the stairs to the loft bedroom. That is the most Dunhill thing possible.

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    What I'm wearing for my last dinner in Greensboro with my partner. I expect to be the best dressed man at any Greensboro restaurant on a Tuesday night. The crazy thing to me is those Outlier Slim Dungarees.  They really do just look like dress pants, with a jacket. With a t-shirt or sweater, they look like jeans. Amazing.  They are made to be worn every day for a year with minor cleaning.  Fair enough.

  12. 3 hours ago, Dusty Chalk said:

    I just can’t imagine trying to dial in the relative phases myself, without some special equipment keeping me honest.

    Those adjustable arms are, like, "placebo machines." I kinda like it.

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  13. I am visiting my girlfriend, in Greensboro, North Carolina.  I travelled with the cats, as I mentioned. They did INCREDIBLY well.  I wish I could somehow tell them just how proud I am of them, but all I can do is love them, which I was doing anyway.  We are in a "tiny-house."  It works pretty well, but the cats aren't comfortable with the very steep stairs up to the loft, where the bed is, so they have just been staying downstairs.  They don't love that, as they are used to sleeping on my bed, but it's not the end of the world. They seem content enough.  Maybe a little bored, as there isn't a lot of room, though I brought toys and scratchers, and all of their favorite things, and I've been giving them as much attention as I can.  

    We (Heather and I, not me and the cats) were supposed to go to a concert tonight, in Asheville, but I didn't feel comfortable leaving them alone, with all the changes that have happened, so I stayed (I sent Heather on, and it was apparently a good show [Will Oldham, so I wish I could have gone]).  They seemed to appreciate that.

    They are SUCH good kitties.

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  14. 3 hours ago, robm321 said:

    I also agree with you, Jose. That is an ignorant policy and it's proving itself out.

    "Don't live in areas where forest fires happen" is about the most ignorant fucking statement. 

    "'Don't live in areas where forest fires happen" is about the most ignorant fucking statement '" beats it by a little ways.

  15. You do realize that "clearing forests" is precisely the opposite of what forests need, right? These ecosystems burn, naturally, on a regular basis: many plants and animals absolutely require it.  "Firebreaks" are not natural.  Clearing forests of undergrowth also doesn't prevent forest fires.  What it does mean is that, instead of smaller fires happening on a regular basis, you get more absolutely devastating ones, they just don't happen as often: old trees that haven't been replaced by new ones (because they can't release seeds because there haven't been fires, plus weeds that aren't naturally endemic are able to grow in "cleared-out" areas, and thus prevent seedlings of trees from growing where fire-depdendant cones can actually work) make for GREAT kindling.

    Don't live in areas where forest fires happen.

  16. Dunhill has recovered, though it took a while to get back to 100%.  I am going on a trip, at the end of this week, and I am taking them with me.  It's just five days, and I'd normally have my cat friend (who loves these kitties nearly as much as I do, and always refuses pay) check on them every day, but she's also going out of town.  Dunhill and Silver act like three miles in the car is murder, so I'm sure 450 miles will be just fine. I have bought new carriers that are made for the car and have seatbelt attachments and pads.  I'm assuming they will eventually settle down?

    Also, my orientation for volunteering at the local SPCA Kitty City (where I got my two monsters) is set for September 7th.  I am excited about it!

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