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  1. A member of Joannes book club was having a retirement party, and I was under instructions not to look at my phone during the event. 

    But there was a grazing table 


    And ice cream cake


    And now I'm plugged back into the internet. So not a bad afternoon 😉

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  2. Steve, the the trick is to know the cool spots, both culturally, and meteorologically.

    The venue started balmy, but as the evening progressed, and the marine layer came in, the breeze picked up, and the locals layered up.

    Then when it finished we headed back home, a few valleys further north, to warm back up, and then cool off on the deck.

    Bay Area microclimates are quite something.

  3. A quick soundcheck at the Tam Valley Community center 


    And the Fog City Swampers are Rock 'n Rollin'


    Getting members of the Tam Valley Community up on their feet.

    Great Backdrop to the venue.


    And everybody gets a free backstage pass!


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