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  1. From the comments in the NYT article 

    "I have a 17 year old writing for me who tells me most of his peers don’t have patience or attention span for whole songs. For them songs are for “old people”. I wish that was a joke but it’s not."

  2. I've helped set up a sound bar with Google Assistant (can't recall if Samsung or LG) for elderly friends, who eventually disabled google assistant, because it would perform unprompted commands from time to time. A ghost in the machine perhaps? But voice control of volume and content plus ability to tell you the time and jokes, why not?

    Unless you're paranoid about having an always on network connected microphone in your living space. But there's nothing to worry about, citizen.

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  3. Ciao Novato!

    Opera at the Hamilton Amphitheater. 


    We arrived early to secure a place in the shade at the Amphitheater during set up / sound check



    There was  added drama, as their headlining baritone Richard Rittelmann was flying in from Paris that day, had been delayed in customs, was hiring a car, and was in the process of driving up, so would he make it for the big performance or not?

    In the meantime, they rearranged  the program on the fly, and apart from a few teething troubles with their wireless sound system put on quite a show.






    Richard arrived

    And delivered.


    Thanks Novato.


    Back/Side-Stage with the stars (note the Ross goodie bag!)



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