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  1. And here are some photos of the PCB.


    R2 and C2 on both channels are empty as well as the third hole just next to the R and L letter on the PCB. Would it be for a negative part of the balanced input signal?

    What kinds and values of the caps and resistors should be soldered in there? 

    Would it be possible to have a switch for a single ended or balanced mode? If so would it be complicated or difficult to do?

    My DAC can work in pre-amp mode so the stock pot is not essential, unless it could be modified for the purpose.  

    Maybe at some point I can find a 4 gang one, but for now, I can bypass it completely.

    Please let me know if I have omitted any relevant info.


    many thanks





  2. Must have done something wrong because I did not get any reply apart from the initial response from Spritzer and Kevin Gilmour.

    Maybe I don't know how to use this forum correctly, sorry.

    Thanks again for the responses, I managed to do it following some of the pics from older posts.

    Was very nervous, wasn't sure if this will apply to my amp but decided to go for it.

    IT WORKS!!! :)

    Very happy now.

    I opened another topic for the balanced mod.

    This topic can be closed now.


    Thanks guys




  3. Hello

    I would appreciate if somebody could help me. 

    I need to install XLR input sockets into my SR-M323A. 

    I am fine with soldering and will have no problem installing it physically,  the only trouble is  that I do not understand circuits well.  I am really determined though :)

    On the PCB input section I noticed an empty space for a resistor and a capacitor for each channel respectively .

    Has anyone done this mod? 





    meanwhile, I will describe the cable colours

    from the right to the eft -  transformer: blue (cut), brown, grey, orange (cut), green, white, yellow.

    from the right to the left -  PCB:  GRN, COM, BLU, BRN, PPL, GRY, WHT, YEL. The numbers from 1 to 6 are going from the right to the left

    At the back side of the PCB it seem to be 6 possible jumper connections. Numbers 1, 3 and 6 are connected together.

    Sorry that I was unable to load the pics, not sure how to make them 0.49 MB size, will try again, otherwise if you'd like me to send them to a email address of your choice I would be more than happy do it.


    Many thanks




  5. Hello to all forum users! :)


    My name is Martin and this is my first ever post, so please bear with me if I would make any kind of mistake.

    I would really appreciate if I could get some help please.

    I need to convert 100v Japanese amp to be working with UK power supply.

    I believe it could be re-wired; i am just not sure what wires and what pins on PCB needs to be changed.


    Also, I am looking to install XLR balanced inputs, is there any simple schematic how to do it? My DAC has an pre amp so the volume control on the 323A is not necessary.


    thank you for your time and help


    best regards





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