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  1. What is the difference L700 and L700-2 soundwise (After new toy syndrom might have disappeared)
    i only know the sound of L700


    new toys might be better in the first days 🙂


    i also Know the difference in manufacturing model 1 and 2 - and therefore i wonder, if there should be any difference in sound.


  2. On 9/14/2019 at 5:13 PM, gepardcv said:

    I used to think that. Then I built a C-Note set. ?


    I am aware of no reliable measurements of the later revisions of 007A, but I started with @Tyll Hertsens's measurements of the 007Mk2 from back in the day, adjusted by ear where I think they diverge, and then used AutoEq to find a 5-band PEQ adjustment suitable for the ADI-2. Then I toned it way down, because the Harman target and oratory1990's adjustments can be excessive.

    FWIW, here's the 007A equalization set I use now:

    band 1: shelf filter, +2.5dB, 75Hz, Q 1.0
    band 2: peak, +2.5dB, 100Hz, Q 1.0
    band 3: peak, +0dB, 1.0kHz, Q 1.0
    band 4: peak, +2.5dB, 2.5kHz, Q 1.5
    band 5: shelf, +0dB, 10.0kHz, Q 1.0

    Fairly subtle, but IMO a significant improvement.

    I was looking for a L700 equalization  but my internet did not show me any source therefore to adjust my adi2

  3. @Spritzer

    >>This is one of the very first sets shipped out and I only plugged them in just over an hour ago so first impressions only. 

    >>Not sure yet but this is Stax, they always release a fixed version.  I'm half joking but also been burnt enough times to not get a first of anything from them. 



    now, i am a little bit confused - why did you change your procedure?





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