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  1. 3 hours ago, johnwmclean said:

    Finally done!

    I regrettably sold my previous KGSSHV Carbon a while ago, this one’s not going anywhere soon.

    This is a 400V, 19mA version, using the ground plane amp board, Sumr transformer and Goldpoint V47 attenuator. I bought the heatsinks from China and had all the drilling and panels done at Front Panel Express. I pulled out the Canon 5D from the cupboard for some tasty shots.








    I was lucky enough to grab your old Carbon 😊

    I could see subtle changes from your old Carbon - volume pot, one output instead of two, ventilation holes at the back, directional changes to the XLR input/outputs am sure it would be sounding A M A Z I N G 👍


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  2. 9 hours ago, Kerry said:

    Here's a new twist on my T2 build.  I've added both the HE-90 jack as well as a custom built Teflon HE-60 jack with appropriate voltages/resistances. 

    This one is in black chrome :)

    That's the back of the power supply... 


    Hearty congratulations Kerry, What a beauty to behold am quite sure it would be sounding absolutely A M A Z I N G 💥👏✌️

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  3. 37 minutes ago, Mach3 said:

    Looking at your list, I'm surprised you don't have the SR-007 any version.

    Thank you Peter I pulled a trigger on 009BK after your advise👍 planning to add 007 to my collection, but torn between 007 Mk I or II, also guilty on waiting for a new revision of 007s. 😉 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Zoide said:

    Ha! Maybe all that hoarding is driving you crazy :P

    What other earspeakers do you have? Any chance you could give us your brief impressions and how the L700 mk1/mk2 compare to them?

    I also see that you have the KGSShv in addition to the 353X. Do you think it makes a huge difference for the L700, or not so much in comparison to something like the 007/009? I currently have a 323S (unbalanced version of the 353X) and wouldn't like to spend more than the price of my headphones on a more powerful amp, but people whisper such tempting things in your ear online...

    I'm also very curious about the Perun earspeakers and the new "rock" variant that they're working on. Too bad they were promoted by people who don't have a very good reputation around here, and there are almost no reviews on mainstream English-language forums.

    You nailed it 🤣

    Here's my modest Estats collection (thus far) - STAX 009BK, L700 Mk1/MKII, L500 Mk II, 404 LE, L300 LE, L207, Jade II, Kaldas Research RR1, Pollinator (by Nectar Sound). 

    Yes, I do have both KGSShv and 353X. For L700 main improvement would be tigher/faster bass. KGSShv quite a powerful amp than 353X so might be a big step up, mainly I found it to be very revealing so it's a must that you have good source & music recording. Benefits - I would say overall helps realize the full potential of inefficient cans (007/RR1/VOCE) if you hear your music loud then KGSShv could be a good choice. 

    I heard good things about Perun as well, you might also check out ES Labs offerings

    ES Labs ES-Sigma Electrostatic Headphone https://www.eslabhk.com/product-page/stock-es-sigma-electrostatic-headphone 

    ES-1 alpha (es1a) https://www.eslabhk.com/product-page/es-1-alpha-electrostatic-headphone 

    I think music/hearing preferences is very personal in nature and would say audition the headphones/amps before pulling a trigger the good luck with your hunt. Thank you! 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Zoide said:

    Oh! So you think the Mk I are better? BTW what did you mean when you said the Mk II sound "sharper"? Thanks :)

    Yes you are right I think Mk I is better little wider soundstage marginal, this could be due to the snugger fit on the Mk II.

    And by "sharper" I meant they have better treble performance than the Mk I. Also they seem to be little faster.  Take it with a big grain of salt may be my mind is playing tricks on me 😁

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  6. 1 minute ago, Zoide said:

    Interesting. What do you mean when you say the Mk II is "sharper"? How come you're keeping both?


    Oh well L700 OG is my favorite and L700 Mk II is the newer toy. But the real reason is I am a hoarder especially with STAX Earspeakers 😁

  7. These are my subjective impressions. 

    My chain Mac Book pro - > Denafrips Ares II - > KGsshv dual outputs (both L700 OG and L700 Mk II connected) 

    L700 Mk II have tighter bass the reason could be due to angled metal forks giving it tab better clamping force and the may be the new cable might have something to do with it as well. L700 MK II is sharper and little more efficient than the L700 OG. Little better detail retrieval as well (I could be wrong as well). 

    Hope this helps. 

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  8. Here you go these are by metal571:

    Youtube video link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p6zHolzGUTw

    EqualizerAPO EQ Preset:

    Channel: all

    Preamp: -7 dB

    Filter 5: ON PK Fc 30 Hz Gain 7 dB Q 1.41

    Filter 6: ON PK Fc 70 Hz Gain -3 dB Q 2

    Filter 8: ON PK Fc 1500 Hz Gain -5 dB Q 2

    Filter 10: ON PK Fc 3500 Hz Gain 2.5 dB Q 1.41

    Filter 11: ON PK Fc 10000 Hz Gain -3 dB Q 2

    Filter 12: ON HS Fc 10000 Hz Gain -2 dB

    MiniDSP EARS HPN Compensated Measurements:


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  9. 1 minute ago, JimL said:

    So, wait a minute. Looks like he changed the Shure plug to a 5-pin Stax pro plug, but how does that make the headphones compatible with Stax pro bias (i.e. 580 volts). Magic?

    Yeah I was surprised as well, when I saw the FS post on Head Fi it's magic (should have needed time to mod it to 200 volts). But the downside is that the amp (Kingsound M03) can't be used to drive STAX or Kingsound H series electrostats. 

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