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  1. Out of your 3 initial candidates, the Dell seems like the nicest to me.  However, if she won't be playing games or editing video, I think the discreet graphics card is just going to add unnecessary weight and cost to the laptop.

    The i7s are also not worth the additional cost in my opinion.  A quad-core i5 (i5-8???U) should be good enough.

    Other features I'd want in a laptop:
    at least 8GB of memory
    FHD (1080p) screen (IPS and touch are also nice to have)
    good port selection (both USB-A ports and USB-C)
    good build quality

    Lenovo Yogas usually get decent reviews, so I'd consider those as well.  I have a Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1, which uses a Yoga-style hinge, and it's sometimes useful for watching video, etc.

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  2. 22 hours ago, cclragnarok said:


    The new Utopias are way brighter than the pair Tyll reviewed....

    Somebody (kais in the comment section) pointed out that headphone positioning makes a huge difference for the Utopia.  You can see this in the raw frequency response plots of Tyll's original Utopia measurements.  The effect is so big, it might(?) even explain the difference between the old and new measurements.  :blink:

  3. On 2/21/2017 at 8:20 AM, Sherwood said:

    Katz has a good track record, good enough to get the benefit of the doubt from me, but this flies in the face of most of what reasonable people have told me.  Basically, something is amiss.

    Tyll has measured the headphones Bob Katz used for his shootout, plus another new sample of the Utopia:


    Bob's LCD-4 appears to be more balanced in the treble range than the pair Tyll reviewed.

    The new Utopias are way brighter than the pair Tyll reviewed....

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  4. 51 minutes ago, wink said:

    I went through the original Japanese text about the new model, and I don't see any mention of new flagship headphones.

    It says that they are planning to release a new flagship amplifier designed to go with the SR-009.

    EDIT: They are also hoping to release something "wonderful" in 2018 (the new amplifier is planned for 2017).

  5. 13 hours ago, kevin gilmore said:

    this is the first, and definitely not the last r2r discrete compensated dac


    i'm sure others will be duplicating these ideas soon, market is about to make a major change again

    absolutely insane (as in waste of money) to spend more than $2500 on a moving target.


    I'm surprised nobody's done this before.  Seems like a great way to make cheap and accurate R2R DACs.


    3 hours ago, kevin gilmore said:

    fancy transformers AND fancy capacitors.  unlikely anyone could tell the difference between the 3 models.

    The red label transformer is silver wire.

    I think green label transformer is the one with silver wires.

  6. Unsurprisingly, Scott Foster was one of the referees:


    He's the referee with suspected gambling ties:


    He's also the one that threw out Livingston for (what seemed to be) just a little complaining earlier in the playoffs:



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