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  1. L700MK2 did arrive in time... thoughts above, TLDR I feel it's excellent for those of you wanting a more tonally rich presentation. I'd also run it on Solid State over Tube and with the Dark Pads exclusively
  2. Beautiful man 007! L700 MK2 has arrived, pleasant sound so far tho I have to take my glasses off otherwise I get un-even bass :/
  3. Oh hey even better, thanks for the input!
  4. AHHHH It's 650 EURO's for the shit box! An I've owned some shit boxs of DOOOOOOOOM [no relation to the BAD Mother F****** Drag Car under the same name] and I've lost a few headphones to said shit boxs. So I can't say I'd want to get into eStats with something so poorly built... Plus That's the same USD cost as a SRD-7 from @spritzer I guess yea you'd need get a power amp to put behind it. An the one I see recommend alot is like what... $150-200ish? So total cost of $900 or so But apparently you can still get a SRM 323S for like $525ish plus shipping so still cheaper than that thing...what's the consensus here around the 323S?
  5. So far I dig it, dark pads or the ones with the cloth liner are really needed. Noticeable etch without them... with them tho a touch smoother without a massive lose in tactility. Overall pleasant, good tonality and detail with a nice stage. I'll have more in a few days once I get a chance to really listen. Comparisons to 009, 95X with Vesper and hopefully L700 Mkii if it arrives in time
  6. So yea Angle'd Vesper Pads and the removal of that nasty foam make a difference! @spritzer , I thank ya for your recommendation and guidance, it makes quite the improvement
  7. Good feed back thank you! An yea I've got a nice CCS Modded SRM007tA that should be liberation enough Imo 007 when I've heard it had been very "thick" real mid focused presentation and not quite energetic enough up top for my tastes, 95X is imo slightly thick, relative to an HD 800, and not quite energetic enough up top at all times Still to be frank the idea is to get a hold of 009 and work my way thru reviewing literally everything else I can get, so I can have my own opinion of them all. But I've heard 009 dozens of time and it's always been MORE than energetic to my ears and never came off as quite like 95X does and 007 when I've heard it in the past Now let me ask this, how do you guys who own them presently feel 007 MK 2.9 differs from 95X and 009?
  8. In a perfect world I'd want both, but seeing as I have a Koss 95X I don't really need something tuned like 007, I'm likely going to pick up a 009 my self to compliment my 95X. Now when the time comes, yes I'm 100% going to add a 007 MK 1 to my collection as I think both 009 and 007 can/are complimentary
  9. Welp happy to say I think I'll be joining the Stax gang finally! I wound up picking up one of the CCS Modded SRM 007tA's from @spritzer I'm sure it'll be lovely for my ESP 95X but I'm curious if any one has any experience with the CCS Modded Tube amps for 009? Ideally I'd like a bright/lean Stax to compliment my some what dark 95X
  10. Like wise, hoping to hear of something later in the year as well if possible
  11. Yeap I reviewed this unit and came to the same conclusion my self... such a shame given how pretty the headphone is but oh well!
  12. Welp I guess I need to finally get around to trying the Vesper pads as I'm pretty happy with these Stock! So the Angled Vesper Pads which ones exactly are you guys using? I got a response back with a lot of options, are we going with the all Velour or? But alas I'm here trying to figure out what amp to get for my little 95X... the Octave II @spritzer seems nice. Tho I'm hearing these open up with even more juice sadly $1500 is about my cap for this venture... Any one else have any thoughts?
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