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  1. I was really gutted to read about what happened. I don’t have a clue how some of you guys manage to disassemble these expensive toys with such nonchalance. I have the manual dexterity of a rhino and was sweating bullets when I did Spritzer’s port mod to my 007 mk2s. 

  2. 7 hours ago, eggil said:

    Like usual, Headfi FOTM impressions are horrible.

    I am curious to hear impressions of people I can trust regarding the sound of the new Staxes.

    Birgir, for example? It'll be a while before I can listen myself unfortunately.

    Same here. Initial impressions beginning to filter through all appear quite positive but I will wait until a real impartial description is posted by Birgir or someone trusted. 

    I’m curious to know how they compare to the other Stax offerings and the CRBN, but not in a hurry to get them, working my way to a Carbon CC for now. 

  3. 18 hours ago, plaurids said:

    Hmm... Good to know. I'm taking the Stax Lambdas as my only former experience with this issue - it's a freaking nightmare to clean the glue residue from old earpads on these. But still... a flagship headphone such as the CRBN ought to have something better. I've read that Audeze's new planar magnetic flagship LCD-5 also has glued earpads. Seriously, even a relatively old mid-fi dynamic headphone such as the AKG K701 has plastic bayonets for the earpads. This can be done without compromising the earpad seal, and makes maintenance and modding far easier.


    The above is one of the better ones I had seen, it goes into details about removing the adhesive


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  4. I have seen videos on YouTube explaining how to replace ear pads on their planar magnetic headphones and the comments were that the glue residue is not as difficult to remove as many believe. 

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  5. I was listening to them again last night and I really love what the 007s do, there is simply no comparison between them and the Audeze's I had before (which actually cost more, albeit without needing an amplifier to drive them). It is true that maybe they "harden" a tiny little bit when the volume is a bit louder, maybe its just my hearing. If only I could find a suitable amp to drive them to their full potential…...😜.


    Anyway back to the CRBN 


    12 hours ago, plaurids said:

    I'm now thinking how much of a "steal" (as far as hi-end estats go) the 007 has become

    I was thinking the same thing but my worry (however premature) is that eventually Stax may retire them.

    If someone wanted to hoard them as an eventual replacement does anybody have any idea as to how long they could/would survive unopened in their box?

    Any ideas about the life expectancy of a pair in normal weekly use?

  7. 5 hours ago, Turcoda said:

    I face palmed so hard I think I'm gonna have to call my physician tomorrow to have my palm surgically removed from my forehead. I work full time and I attend university now, so I don't know how to find the time to even begin addressing all the logical fallacies from your two posts, but here's the gist of it:

    You claim to "cover[s] why he's pushing JR gear] by stating that it's "coz he likes headphones and was getting into E-stats, then started to sell them." Great. Very informative post after leading us with your initial promise of providing us with "constructive criticism to better the children for the future". Well, lets start with you presuming to understand a 3rd party's motives and intentions. I don't think you speak on his behalf here, but if you did, then this is the saddest bit of troll food I've ever seen in my life and can't fathom how this could possibly "educate children of the future". The drastically more realistic scenario here is that MyHeadFi is able to sell JR Audio with a significant enough margin because they both operate from the same country and likely struck some very significant business deal selling subpar electronic chinese parts without quality control - NOT because the owner of MyHeadfi "likes headphones". Oh boy.

    Sure thing, lets take the fact that this owner sent you over 50 emails to mean that he is a well intentioned business dealer selling top quality audio gear. I'm not the least bit sure how number of emails and quality of hardware sold is positively correlated, but I think if we were to follow your logic then basically every local Bestbuy or walmart here would be qualified to sell you some Beats headphones and have it compete with the best. Furthermore, if quality and email count were correlated, I must state that Vance ALSO sent me upwards of 50+ emails to me in less than a few weeks and promised me that no headphone amplifier had ever been sent back to him for repair and that they never once broke down. In the end, after all was said and done, of those emails, the bulk of them ended up being either threats or lies. He did NOT respond to my emails in a prompt manner and when he did respond, he did so in a very round-about fashion. Regardless of all this, Mjolnir Audio also sent me over 50+ emails with far more insightful and helpful bits of information when looking for alternatives. If we're to make purchasing decisions based on email counts, I think we have far better options than Vance here.

    So here's the other fallacy that I need to point out. You asked: "if he's such a scammer why is his customer service so damn good?... well let me answer why this question is entirely too biased based on your particular experience. He's had you hooked for multiple purchases and its in his best interest to have you see him in a favorable light. So, for one thing, all of your transactions went smooth and your gear functions properly so far - I assume. Honestly, judging by your comments, this is probably because you upgrade faster than your gear deteriorates. The biasness arises because you've never had to experience dealing with him when something went wrong. That's were the problem lies: it's one thing to judge someone's behavior when everything is all rainbows and unicorns, but what happens when the going gets rough and there is a hiccup? What happens when part of your gear starts to fail? THAT is the real judge of character right there.

    In the dealings I had with Vance, he refused to offer any kind of refund. Here's what he wrote to me (And also what I had to write to my statements with VISA in order to get the charges reversed):

    I asked Vance multiple times for a refund or an exchange with a new item. The last time I had asked, he finally caved and replied with this:

    "Yes, you can exchange for something else when it's returned, probably KGSS?"

    You should note here that the replacement item in question is for a KGSS and I wanted to exchange it for another KGSSHV, NOT his KGSS that is being sold for HALF the cost of a KGSSHV. Woooow total scam.

    Prior to that he was incredibly reluctant to exchange with anything at all, and when I asked for a refund, he countered by offering to "help me" by repairing the amp and selling it for me on his site's marketplace as a used item. LOL. What a crook. I therefore had to ask him what kind of loss I would take if I did so and he never replied to that email. I have the full email thread as proof, and it reads exactly like you would think communicating with a child reads like.

    When I told Vance about the blown rectifier and the dead unit he responded with "It should be just the fuse burnt, sometimes there's surge in the mains and the fuse burnt to protect the circuit." Vance is just generally unknowledgeable about amplifier electronics.

    In the end, Vance only offered to send me replacement parts to repair the item's issues and didn't want to offer service to repair the unit until after I had contacted visa with complaints. In the VISA dispute he argued his case by stating that his return policy excluded faulty items from being returned. See attached image from the dispute. Vance essentially argued that a "myheadfi.com does not accept return of a brand new item with valid warranty", which turns out to basically be the biggest pile of steaming garbage I've ever read in my life. Logically it means that any item with warranty cannot be returned, which would translate that to mean every item he sells. Does that mean that the only way to bypass this beautiful piece of logic is to wait until the warranty period expired and THEN try to return it? Lol I'm sure waiting a year to return something would work even better... Wow. This folks is what you have to look forward to when dealing with crooks. He lost the case. And with good reason.



    I genuinely cannot understand why some people would even contest your and Spritzer's findings, especially with all the photographic evidence provided. I appreciate that a scammer feels the need to protect his imagine in order to continue making money but to come on a place like this (of all the forums) and peddle this moronic BS beggars belief. The more these things are reported the better off we will all be, however much these people/companies disappear and then pop back up. 

  8. 54 minutes ago, Kiats said:

    Yes. Birgir is a great guy to deal with. No overselling and his recommendations are always appropriate to your use case. And so patient. I discussed with him on and off for about a year before I picked up the Carbon. :) 

    Couldn’t agree more

  9. 10 hours ago, Kiats said:

    I am using one of Mjolnir Audio’s Carbon and so am a stranger to this issue you are facing with the 007s. The 007s Mk2, in particular, have been accused of having recessed mids. I will confess that I faced that issue with my previous amps. Hence I was very pleasantly surprised when I started using the Carbon almost 2 years back. The 007s sound much more balanced now. :) 

    I’m using one of his modified SRM-717s and I’m actually really happy with it and the advice he gave me (especially considering it was initially going to be paired to an L700 and not the 007 mk2s as I was initially looking for an electrostatic alternative to my Audeze planar magnetics, not to actually replacing them, which is what I ended up doing because to my ears they didn’t sound as good as the Stax).

    But then as I got into it more and from what I have read here and elsewhere and discussing the situation with him I know I can do better and that is what I’m aiming to do. Fortunately I have started working again after a year of being stuck home so buying a carbon or a carbon CC is now much more than just a pipe dream and however good the X9000 may be the amplifier is my next upgrade. Hopefully by Christmas 🎄

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  10. 2 hours ago, spritzer said:

    It really depends on how loud we are talking but yeah, most amps start to fall apart when you push them with the 007's. 

    Thanks Spritzer, it’s not a huge change but enough to be noticeable on some tracks.

    So am I correct in thinking that on top of all the other benefits of the Carbon that we discussed, the increased current availability from it would also help resolve that issue?

  11. One thing I personally notice listening to the 007mk2 is that when I crank the volume a little higher than my usual they seem to sound a bit little bit muddier/lose resolution. Is this a physical limitation of the headphones or could it be that the amp runs out of steam at higher volumes?

  12. On 11/14/2018 at 11:48 PM, spritzer said:

    We could do a portable amp but there are some issues there such as the PSU, custom chassis perhaps and stuff like that.  I'm not really interested in portable amps as I find them a silly novelty for open phones that bleed as much as Stax do but we could do something for the Shure's.  The stock amps are pretty good but could be improved upon... 

    sorry to raise this from so long ago, but did a portable amp for the Shure's ever happen?

  13. 11 hours ago, spritzer said:

    The treble is similar but that's really where the similarities end as they are very different headphones. 

    Got it, thanks very much. Looking forward to seeing your additional posts. 

  14. 22 minutes ago, spritzer said:

    The treble is very reminiscent of the 007's, slightly dark and laid back but can get bright if the source/material calls for it. 

    The 717 is pretty much a KGSS so that will work well.  :)

    Thanks very much for the feedback.

    For someone having to decide between the 007’s and the CRBNs, considering the similarity of the sound signature but the difference in price, what advice would you give ?

  15. 2 hours ago, spritzer said:


    It's been a month but the CRBN is finally here, well this is actually the second set I've received.  First set was one of two units to have an assembly issue which Audeze have now identified and fixed.  I sent that one back and they sent a new one out.  Now these are loaner sets but if I want to keep it, I will buy it.  Just wanted to make that clear as I always own everything I tear down.  The first set was setup to make it easier for me to take a peek inside so the pics I'll post later, will be of that unit.  They are identical though and to say the CRBN looks gorgeous... well that would be an understatement.  First thing that came to my mind when lifting out of the sturdy aluminum flight case, was a comparison to the Hifiman Shangri-la jr.  Similar price range (I paid 4000$ for my set back in the day) and by comparison the Shangri-la looks like a 200$ Aliexpress special.  

    The carbon fiber headband, the forged carbon earcups and nice thick leather earpads.  Yeah, this is for sure no Hifiman product and it really puts Stax to shame with their shitty SR-009 headband design.  Not that I was expecting anything less from Audeze but the attention to detail is nothing short of exemplary.  Nice long strain relief on the cables as they enter the cups, the quality of the Stax plug, the sheer comfort of having these on the head (even with my melon of cranium) and the list goes on.  The only issue I could find with them (and it was true of both sets) is a rather strong chemical smell as they are fresh out of the box.  It doesn't bother me at all but it might bother some so best mention it. 

    In terms of amp requirements, they are rather power hungry.  It was a clear design choice to make them a bit less sensitive so the amps need to be pushed further in terms of volume level but it's nothing extreme.  I had a KGSSHV in my system when the first unit arrived so I kept that to compare against the new one.  It drives them just fine but the Carbon is a better choice with roughly 4 times the power.  I would place the KGSSHV/KGST as the baseline for them to get excellent performance and it only gets better from there. 

    Now it's been only been an hour or so with this second set (a few days with the first one) so it's early but first impressions are great.  To keep it short, it's what the Sennheiser HE90 could have been but never managed to do.  The CRBN has that same ethereal, diffused quality but with far more midbass and bass presence.  They are not the bass monsters which the 007's can be but there is enough there and they are not bright or forward sounding at all. 

    I'll post some more impressions later and the teardown pics as well. 

    Could you let me know how are you finding the treble sound compared to the 007 mk2s (and would your comparison be pertinent to the modified SRM-717 I have?)  



  16. 3 hours ago, spritzer said:

    That's probably the mesh stator but I have very little enthusiasm for this.  All of the Stax prices are now nuts so this is probably going to be 10k$ or more. 

    10k$ or MOAR you mean...🤪


    I must admit between this and the CRBN there seems to be interesting stuff happening from the more serious players in the business.

  17. On 9/3/2021 at 10:29 PM, TubyAndWobbly said:

    I mean there wasn't really any resistance, I wasn't planning on buying from them after Paradoxper had first said some pretty strong negative things about them, but it shouldn't hurt to confirm that he was without a doubt in the right. I do have to really thank him though, without him I probably would've only really that other guy's shilling to consider. 

    I didn’t mean resistance from you, I meant from the shill called “Not Deaf”.


  18. 3 hours ago, spritzer said:

    Here is something that has been cooking for a while but I've been just too busy to do anything about it.  So JR Audio out of China have been building our amp designs for a while now and I started to hear horror stories almost immediately.  They naturally have no right to use our designs and work in their crappy products but since when has that stopped anybody...  I have been looking for one of these amps for a while now as I want to rip it apart and well... one owner contacted me.  I'm going to ask him to come here and tell his story which is quite the tale.  Let's just say Caveat emptor...

    So here is the amp and it arrived dead which will soon be clear.  It is the KGSSHV version and well... it doesn't resemble my amp in any way...  🙄


    One funny thing is that the Stax socket is made from nylon so the quality starts there.  😉  20210902-DSC00290.thumb.jpg.2176f34566980537f1a217cc107bc08d.jpg

    Nothing remarkable here but that voltage marking is directly lifted from my amps.  Completely identical... 


    Here is where I started laughing, this thing uses clone versions of old PCB's I made back in the day.  The amplifier board (as can be seen by the date which they also copied) was in some of the older KGSSHV mini amp but this one is quite a bit bigger.  Same goes for the PSU which was in the first KGSSHV minis but this one is 2.5cm wider and 1cm taller.  All the components are in the same spots... it's just a bit bigger. 


    Now here is whats wrong with it, see the bridge rectifier in the middle.  That larger chunk of plastic shouldn't be sticking out of it. 


    Here is one amplifier section and I just find it hilarious that they do a direct copy of my 7 year old PCB but manage to completely fuck it up while doing it.  So all of those resistors are 1/4W units and that is a big no-no.  Most are well shy of that power level (though not all) but the voltage ratings for many of those resistors is well below safe levels.  It also annoys me (Kevin even more) that they have removed all values off the boards and replaced them with generic labels.    We have always pushed for proper markings on all boards so they can be serviced at any time. 

    Another thing clear in that picture are the 10M90's on that small heatsink on the PSU.  They have a lot of voltage sitting on the metal tab so they naturally use a silpad and metal screw.  Fucking amateur hour here. 



    Another picture of the damage and one more of the underside:


    One nice attention to detail... or lack thereof is no thermal paste or silpad on the PSU pass transistors.  Nothing at all and since the chassis is powerder coated, it has a hard time passing heat through the thin metal below.  It's a shame I don't have any of these old PCB's in stock just to show how much of a blatant rip off they are.  I'm tempted to order some (as I have the Gerbers for everything) just to show off what they are up to. 

    Now what happens to this amp, well it belongs to me so I'm going throw out the PSU and the transformer plus replace all the necessary resistor on the amplifier boards to make this safe.  Then I'll just keep it for shits and giggles.  I'll update the thread when I do some more work on this clusterfuck. 


    Someone asked about JR Audio on “that other site” in the Audeze CRBN thread and someone else intervened in typical shill fashion waxing lyrical about them and how his “electrical engineer friend” or some such says they are marvellous. I wanted to intervene but had already deleted my account and only lurk there occasionally as a guest. Fortunately Paradoxper intervened and straightened the whole thing out, but not without some resistance. Looks like getting the truth to people has become a real uphill struggle in some places.  

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  19. On 11/16/2018 at 8:11 PM, spritzer said:

    The comfort is excellent and the sound is also excellent if just a tad too bright.  Easy enough to fix with the KSE1500 EQ...  Much better than the Stax stuff but at a hefty premium. 

    Hi @spritzerDid they sound bright with the foam tips or the silicone ones? I found the foam ones (comply) or the shure yellow ones ever so slightly dark but the silicone tips from spin fit just a bit too bright on some types of music. I’m Wondering if there are any “Goldilocks” alternatives (using the kse1200, not the 1500). 

  20. 1 hour ago, Beefy said:

    Reading the marketing spiel, the theory is that graphite and carbon nanotubes have exceptionally high electrical conductivity. Supposedly makes the bias voltage across the membrane much more spatially uniform. And at a micron-scale thickness, carbon-based materials are extremely robust to the mechanical environment, where a sputtered metal film balacing equivalent thickness and conductivity might degrade over time.


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