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  1. Thank you for that, especially that last comment.  🤩

    I haven’t been watching much lately, but do still intend to try-before-I-buy Disney+, but honestly, I’m going through a not-watching-much phase, so will hold out until this phase ends.


  2. You wouldn't want that. The Tinesort Consortium will be after you for that one. I think it's a violation of the 1972 Stifle Act to Prevent Distribution of Unauthorised Inset.  You know, there's something satisfying about breaking those nibloid moulds but for some reason the fixture waneshafts are always void. I find it's best to apply some regular T.Consortium Verified Vaseline Product to the shafts regularly to prevent them from oxidising into void.  


    You lost me, I thought voiding was a result of dadaist retrodeconstructionism (Or is it autodeconstructionism?  I always forget.  I'm such a plebe), not oxidizing.  How does Vaseline help? 

    according to General Electric, the purpose of the Encabulator is to measure inverse reactive current in unilateral phase detractors with display of percent realization.


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  3. Sorry for the oversharing, not looking for sympathy, but stop reading if "Dusty oversharing" might offend you. I started the year by puking my guts out.  I think it was food poisoning, but I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary -- just my usual goulash, black bean noodles, wine.  Earlier I had a turkey, jalapeno, plant-based-cheese, and bread sandwich, with a couple Grillo's Pickles spears -- all things I've had before.  I think it was the wine, but it didn't taste off.  That should speak to how bad my palate is.

    So I had some bread, rice noodles and tea yesterday, and I'm feeling ~91% better, going to continue to take it easy today.  Might go out and get some saltines.

    And just for the record, I did take my temperature, and did not have a fever, so I doubt it's The Covid.

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