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  1. On 9/2/2021 at 11:57 AM, Juansan2 said:

    Someone asked about JR Audio on “that other site” in the Audeze CRBN thread and someone else intervened in typical shill fashion waxing lyrical about them and how his “electrical engineer friend” or some such says they are marvellous. I wanted to intervene but had already deleted my account and only lurk there occasionally as a guest. Fortunately Paradoxper intervened and straightened the whole thing out, but not without some resistance. Looks like getting the truth to people has become a real uphill struggle in some places.  

    I mean there wasn't really any resistance, I wasn't planning on buying from them after Paradoxper had first said some pretty strong negative things about them, but it shouldn't hurt to confirm that he was without a doubt in the right. I do have to really thank him though, without him I probably would've only really that other guy's shilling to consider. 

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