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  1. Met Aumkar and listened to the RR1 at CanJam today, two very pleasant experiences. The headphones sounded really nice out of both setups, one a KGSSHV (from birgir I think) and the other a little koss amp (the one that goes with their headphones, Massdrop version).  I had a very pleasant listen with the smaller setup being run from an iBasso DAP (maybe DX150).  I seriously would have bought that whole little setup on the spot for listening on vacation or the office.  It had excellent bass and an extremely musical, engaging sound.

    I'll probably buy a pair of these when they are for sale.

    Aumkar is a great guy! Thanks for the overview and good luck.

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  2. My yggy was in for a Gen V upgrade when the analog upgrade got announced so I decided to get it done.  I was thinking of selling after the Gen V upgrade since I'm happy with the Holo lvl 3 (and SFD I MKII).  Get it back tomorrow so we'll see how it sounds...maybe I'll keep all three DACs.

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  3. The source of my streaming data is an NAS on my LAN.  That's what the streamers I am talking about were designed for and those came out before internet streaming services like Tidal. The internet streaming features are being added now, but were not there in the beginning.

    That's why the observation is misleading.

  4. 1 hour ago, gepardcv said:

    Seems more elegant and future-proof to me than buying an expensive dedicated streamer box which will become obsolete when Tidal goes out of business.

    Uh, that statement makes no sense to me and is misleading.  I don't use any internet streaming services.  That's not what a network streamer is primarily for, they are to stream your media to a DAC and avoid having another PC with a USB connection to your DAC.  Sure, most of them do Tidal, but that's not why they were created.

  5. 2 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

    Good to see you around! What other streamer are you using? Also trying to understand the state of the market a bit better.

    Good to be seen (: I have a sonore signature rendu.  No USB (because I never liked my system enough with USB in the chain).  It's ethernet in and BNC or i2s out.  I don't do DSD so don't care about that. All my music is on a synology NAS.

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