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  1. Did a few more listening tests and even threw the Oppo 105 in the mix.  I could hear a tizziness in the vocals on the Oppo compared to the NWO, so I guess all DACs aren't the same (for me).  Between the NWO and Yggdrasil, there is a bit more refinement with the NWO, but I could live with just the Yggdrasil. This is really an incredible DAC. I don't see how anyone would be disappointed, unless you were after some sort of softer/less detailed sound.  This thing is not clinical sounding at all, very detailed and very natural.


    Since I don't need three sources, probably going to sell the Audio Note 4.1 if anyone is interested.  Another amazing DAC.  Old caps have been replaced, new tubes.

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  2. I have an Oppo 105 but I don't use it for music, never liked it in that role.  Maybe if I did the same test it would be on the level, but I'm not interested in that test.  I have a bias against the sabre stuff.

  3. So, maybe my testing methods are wrong, but I have been pretty shocked by the Yggdrasil, and that's up against my NWO-Master and an AudioNote 4.1.


    I actually volume level matched using my Model 4 (MH LIO8) and its software.  Then I started the same song at the exact time so I could switch back and forth between sources (2 at a time) with the click of a button.  My buddy did this with me in a second session so I could make sure i wasn't crazy (it was that uncanny)


    To say the least, we were totally shocked.  They all sounded pretty much the same, what?  It made me think of this ridiculous idea that all DACs sound the same.


    Please tell me if my testing method is whack?


    I am now wondering if all the immeasurable audiophile differences people seem to hear can primarily be chalked up to volume mismatches.  I can say that when the volume was off even slightly the sources sounded quite different.  The second they were the same, it's as if they became exactly the same unit. We had to stop the music to make sure it was a valid test.  I actually had done the test myself and stopped the music to make sure I wasn't crazy.  Without prompting, my friend asked me to do the same thing.


    Whatever, maybe it just means the Yggdrasil is an amazing DAC...

  4. This DAC has interested me enough to demo it, so I placed an order.  I haven't had too many DACs in house, mostly show listening, but I have never heard anything that is better than the APL NWO-M I have.  And the Sonic Studio LIO-8 is not far behind the APL.


    It seems most of the people at HF ogling over this DAC have very minimal experience with high-end stuff, so sure it sounds great.  But, it is being compared favorably to MSB at this point, and their stuff is quite nice.


    While the juvenile name stuff is off-putting for me (i totally understand the marketing genius), the attitude and science of the developers is quite refreshing.

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  5. Milos's stax DAC>Aristeaus>009 was very good.


    HE1000 did not impress that much, but listening conditions were terrible.  The guy listening along with me had the thing so loud I almost had to take the phones off.


    I am very interested in the Schitt Yggdrasil, but it was not impressive at the meet.  


    However, the Chord Hugo TT really amazed me.  I listened to an HD800 through its integrated headphone amp and I was shocked at how good it sounded.  Besides that, Rob Watts spoke with us for about 30 minutes.  He seems to really know his stuff and he has been doing FPGA longer than most.  Too bad the Chord gear is so expensive and incredibly ugly.


    It was great to see Frank, Edwood, Tyll, milos, etc.


    I will say that the atmosphere was very, very different from 2009, and it was not different in a good way.

  6. I absolutely love my Casper, look forward to sleeping at night.  It is cooler than the sleep number thing I had before.  It is quite firm but very comfortable.


    I also got a mypillow premium and this has been great.  The pillow is very supportive.

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  7. A question for Kevin or Spritzer

    I read there was an extensive mod to the 727 that included boards out and transistor swops, and was set out by Kevin.

    Have you a link to the post please, I can't find it.


    Did it succeed in bringing the 727 close to a KGSShv i.e. a big jump in sound quality, or was it just bringing it closer to the older 717?


    Thanks in advance guys, I know you are busy on multiple projects!

    Go back to HF, we don't need your annoying bs here.

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