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  1. I focus only on my subjective feelings. I also noticed that when using adapters through transformers - I can listen to them at a higher volume without overload than with any transistor amplifier, absolutely any
  2. why maybe you know where to read something from a scientific point of view why transformers are bad QA Jecklin Transdyn tried to do it, but apparently it didn’t work out very well, but this shows that there are attempts to use transformers
  3. is it a regulator that is based on different resistance of different turns in transformers? Wow
  4. it would be interesting for me (and I think a lot of people) to find someone's calculations of some (just for understanding) transformers in terms of the slew rate parameters, it seems to me that everything should be fine in transformers with this I'll try to find someone's research maybe anyone know or have seen something similar
  5. yes it seems to be a problem with my browser if i just click on the document it tries to load but nothing happens but if i copy the link to the document and open it in a new tab - everything works very strange behavior and the links to gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu seem to be just outdated some of them are quite old, it looks like that hosting is just outdated
  6. Hi all maybe someone has a link to kgsshv carbon schematic I try to find, but I find either broken links or fragments of the schematic or documents that are not downloadable here(
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