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  1. Cost $51 w/insurance to send the B22 from here in Iraq(should be that same as from NY) to Florida. I figured shipping one to the UK is about $150. How the monkeys treat along the way is a different story.
  2. naamanf

    Markl Mods

    I have some Lagavulin and 15yr Laphroaig anxiously awaiting my return.
  3. Also could build a HTPC with a case that has a built in touchscreen. Could do a lot more than just play music. Totally OT but I am waiting on DTV to come out with their USB receiver so I can build a mega with HTPC with a couple TB of storage. Then I don't have to keep erasing Tyra and Americas Next Top Model so I can record Family Guy in HD.
  4. I'm actually finishing up a mod for the B22 that makes it sound better than the Raptor! And all you need is a snorkel, ice pick, and a avocado for the mod.
  5. While reading that I was hoping it was going to be JenaLabs. And it was! Who would name their company after a has-been porn star that now looks like Skelator anyway?
  6. Well I hope he has a pocket full of IRFZ24Ns. Let's just say I learned the hard way what happens for that split second when 1/4" headphone jacks are plugged/unplugged and the volume is cranked up.
  7. I better keep up with all the threads going around to see what rumors and allegations are being spread about me. One of the B22s I built should be at CamJam (if the USPS comes through). Actually makes me a bit nervous that many people seeing something I built.
  8. McMaster Carr FTW. Love that place.
  9. What do you fly/work on? I am sure I could come up with something.
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