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  1. The only better than the smell of peat burning in an open fire is the taste of it in a glass of Islay Scotch. :)

    I have some Lagavulin and 15yr Laphroaig anxiously awaiting my return. :prettyprincess:

  2. Also could build a HTPC with a case that has a built in touchscreen. Could do a lot more than just play music. Totally OT but I am waiting on DTV to come out with their USB receiver so I can build a mega with HTPC with a couple TB of storage. Then I don't have to keep erasing Tyra and Americas Next Top Model so I can record Family Guy in HD.

  3. He appears to do truly top-flight work. I'd really be interested in seeing some of it live at some point and meeting him, seems like a cool guy.

    I better keep up with all the threads going around to see what rumors and allegations are being spread about me.

    One of the B22s I built should be at CamJam (if the USPS comes through). Actually makes me a bit nervous that many people seeing something I built.

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