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  1. If your insurance is higher because I sometimes choose not to wear a helmet, you need to have a discussion with your insurance company. My rates are pretty reasonable, mostly because I have a clean driving record, and have established myself as a good risk over the years.

    If you honestly believe that your insurance company treats you as an individual rather than anything other than a set of parameters nothing I say to you is going to convince you otherwise. But trust me, you are a series of checkboxes and multiple choice questions nothing else.

    As a long time rider, I'd say that more important than a helmet are boots, jacket, pants, gloves, and good eye protection. Helmets <snip> increase the likelihood of neck injuries in an accident.

    Well, I think here we'll just have to agree to disagree. I agree that boots, proper jacket, pants, gloves and eye protection are imporant but as to the likelihod that a helmet will make a crash worse you have to ask yourself, would you rather have a neck injury or brain trauma?
  2. I sometimes ride without a helmet. I usually wear one. I sometimes ride without boots on, I sometimes ride without a jacket. Thing is, I'm the only one affected by these decisions (well, and my family). It's not your business what I choose to do.

    No offense, but that's a pretty close-minded view on the scenario. If insurance companies would offer incentives for wearing a helmet or have a right to deny coverage for riders that chose not to wear one I'd be right with you. But the fact is that riders who chose to operate a motorcycle without even the most basic safety equipment affect everyone. When your minor accident with a helmet becomes a major one without it that has a ripple effect, whether you want to admit it or not. I'm not trying in infringe on your rights, I just have no interest in paying for your privilege through my insurance premiums.
  3. that's a slippery slope.

    Not sure if you're serious but really, it's no different than requiring driver's ed for anyone who wants to drive a car. Motorcycle does not equal car, therefore more training required. It takes one weekend to complete the BRC through MSF. I'm not trying to limit who can or can't get a license but allowing little timmy to get a permit and then pilot the world's fastest road going two-wheeled vehicle with no training is a little crazy, doncha think?

    I'm waiting for a law suit against a mcycle manufacturer for selling a bike to someone that couldn't handle it...

  4. in ohio you don't need a special license to ride motorcycles, IIRC, though the state does offer classes. is penn different?

    Special license, not really, but you are required to have a "motorcycle endorsement" on your normal license. As far as I know every state in the union requires that you take at least a skills test before you can get your motorcycle endorsement. Most require both a written and riding test before getting your permanent endorsement. Unfortunately this really provides inadequate education about how to properly operate a motorcycle, I'm of the opinoin that an MSF course should be mandated. It'd make my insurance rates go down, that's for sure. Nothing like a 50 year old who's never ridden before getting his permit, a 700# harley and killing himself to drive up premiums, unless you want to talk about 16 year olds on 180mph rockets like the 'busa...
  5. BTW, Nate, I sincerely hope you'll have better luck with this than you have had with the digital side of the things recently.

    Thanks Haj, I hope so too. Mark and I still get a chuckle out of the Sony from time to time so at least we can laugh about it. It's officially in Mark's possesion, I told him if he can fix it he can keep it, I hope that's ok. With any luck I'll be hearing about a new digital source/transport in a few days, then it'll be a matter of deciding whether or not I keep Monica around.


  6. Nate, congrats on catching the bug.

    Thanks for all the advice, as for the Scout I'm not saying it won't happen but I'll be shocked if I push it anymore than I already have. My home headphone rig in general needs some serious attention in terms of brining it all together. I'm nearly there on the digital-source side, but the amplification is coming together more slowly than I'd like. So, in the end, I think it'll be a matter of too many projects too little time to do much upgrading in the near future. I have found a DIY record cleaner that I'm looking into...

    And 909,

    No worries man, we cool O0.

  7. I find it hilarious that while all the chasing down of bunnies and such occurs at Head-Fi that sigs like [link removed to protect the innocent], which clearly direct traffic to another headphone related site go unnoticed, uncared about or just ignored. At least I know where the rickeraptormonsterwhatever hangs out since he was banned.

    And welcome to the Head-Fi moderation team, this should be a fun little discussion group.

  8. My TT is rotting on top of a shelf right now - I have to admit, computer-as-source is way too easy to have to reach for vinyl as an alternative. but for looks, you gotta have a platter on top of your tower!

    Yeah, I'm hold no illusions about going completely vinyl or anything like that. The opportunity was too much to pass up though, plus it gives me an excuse to build a phono stage. Yay, more projects (I need more of those like I need another whole in the head).

    And this is what my Marantz TT looks like:


  9. The cover is in decent shape, I think with a little polish I can have it looking mint. One of the pivots is broken on the cover (the only permanent blemish) but for the price it was too good to pass up. I also rescued my old Marantz TT while I was home today, might try to fix that one up and then show it to Jahn and torture him with it. It'd fit right in with the Tower of Power >:D.

  10. While helping my older brother move a couple weeks ago he mentioned that he was going to ebay his TT. I had remembered it being a decent player so I offered to keep it in the family.

    So as of today, I'm the proud owner of a pretty mint Thorens TD 160 MKI.


    It has the original tonearm and cartridge, the latter of which will be replaced as soon as funds present themselves. Also, tomorrow I'll be ordering up the DIY version of the Hagerman Bugle which I've been told should fit nicely into my mid-fi vinyl plans. Best part is the TT came complete with 30 albums or so including some original Zeppelin and other stuff my brother had picked up along the way.


  11. Err, it's not like I'm the first person to do so. Edwood and n_maher, which are both well-known and respected guys, have both said in head-fi posts that they disagree with the resale of the HF-1 for profit.

    Clarification, there's only one real instance where I disagreed with the sale of HF-1s for profit, it was that asshole who bought them one day for $400, and immediately cried hard times and listed them for $600. The more time that passses the less I could care, if there's some idiot out there who wants to spend $600 on a pair of headphones that at best is worth half that who am I to stand in their way?

  12. Heh, I graduated with a 3.00 as well. Took a lot of work considering one year of school consisited of a 1.75 and 1.67, that was the year I declared "Fall Break" and took a week off during first semester.

    One piece of advice, if you can have some fun for your last summer DO IT. Life is different once you start working full time, not necessarily in a bad way, just very different. Enjoy the time you have while you have it.

    Congrats man,


  13. As some of you may know I've got a bit of history with the Millett Hybrid Amplifier. It all started about a year ago when I set out to build a headphone amp for each of the members of my wedding party (all music lovers who use headphones in some manner). Two of these came together rather quickly as they were pretty much bone stock Hybrids. The third of the bunch which was to be built for en480c4 got a bit more complicated. First was the addition of a STEPS power supply for his birthday, next up was a set of diamond buffers for no reason and finally it was finished off with a custom Walnut enclosure because I wanted it to be in a case that no one else had. This weekend with all the rain we've been having in the NE I set out to get the amp working in its final enclosure. It's 98% done know, just a few final tweaks left and it's currently with its owner for testing.

    Here's a pic:


    It sounds pretty darn good to my ears and I must admit that I'm pretty proud of the way it looks too :).


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