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  1. 2 hours ago, luvdunhill said:

    A workbench!




    I assume that's the 54" model? If so, I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on it. I've been in dire need of a bench for a while and started cleaning my shop in earnest this weekend to make space.  I haven't had a proper shop since we started building the addition on the house in 2016. It sucks!

  2. @mikeymad - let me know if you do go down the custom recable rabbit hole, I've got a closet half full of supplies like heat shrink and nylon multifilament (the good stuff, not the super microphonic techflex) of various sizes that might be able to save you some $ and hassle that I will never use.  I looked to see if I had the right 3:1 or larger stuff the other night when I wrote my initial post and sadly, don't think I have anything that'd work for the repair.  And FWIW my vote remains to keep them stock for as long as possible. I've never really found an aftermarket cable that I like as much as a lot of stock cables due to inflexibility and increased microphonics.  It might be worth looking at what stock headphone cables you like best (for example the HD800 cable is quite nice) and considering adapting one of those to your current application. You can always troll HF looking for people selling lightly used cheap stuff as well.  Anyway, just figured I'd throw a few more options out there for consideration.

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  3. 1. Measure the diameter of the plug at the end of the cable.

    2. Purchase appropriate diameter 6:1 heat shrink - https://www.cableorganizer.com/heat-shrink/heat-shrink6.htm - bonus, this stuff is adhesive lined.

    3. See if a 2" section will cover and reinforce what you need, including grabbing onto the cable split housing so the whole thing can act as a strain relief for the worn cable section.


    My guess is if you do something like that, for around $30 (assuming some shipping) you'd have a nearly stock looking setup that'll last a long time if not abused.  If nothing else, it'll buy you some time to figure out the long term recabling plan.


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  4. 51 minutes ago, TMoney said:

    Phones looks nice but the product I really want is that new wireless charger that does the phone and watch at the same time.

    It's nice having wireless charging again, considering that my Android phone had it 10 years ago.  Granted, Apple has had it for a few years now to but being behind the upgrade curve as I am, my XS is the first wireless capable iPhone.  The Apple battery case has already come in handy on a couple long days of calls at home too, that way I don't have to even think about plugging the phone it at all during the day.

  5. 3 hours ago, Voltron said:

    I should have left that out, but it is something Claire and I used to joke about. When he did Sunday night baseball with Jon Miller he had a way of talking about himself a lot, along with a couple of comments he made repeatedly, like focusing on batters' hips as the key to success or explanation for failure. Anyway, an interesting twist is that Joe died on Jon Miller's birthday. Odd coincidence.

    Oh no, you and Claire were not alone in that opinion.  That said, RIP Joe. 

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  6. Forgot to post this yesterday - had a good day doing old-school manual labor after spending a good part of Friday helping my neighbor clear a small maple tree that fell over in a wind storm Thursday.


    They're selling the house in 10 days and didn't want the tree or debris to cause any issues with the sale.  So yesterday I set out splitting a bunch of it.


    It's funny. The older I get the more I enjoy manual labor.  I hated splitting wood when I was younger.  Then it was time for Lily and I to make a cake for Andrew's socially-distant, outdoor-5-months-late birthday party that we'll host today with 5 of his buddies.


    Vanilla tie-dyed cake (pic of that after slicing later today) with chocolate buttercream frosting.


    Outdoor theater screen and projector test complete. I picked up a cheap Onkyo receiver off CL and will use an old 5.1 Cambridge Soundworks system for the noise.  Should be fun and the total investment was less than $200 which seems insane.

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  7. 33 minutes ago, Augsburger said:

    I have difficulties with the jiggling method and tend to undercook when relying solely on that. So I chose the hybrid approach of [email protected] and it came out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Let it rest for 1 hour and it paired perfectly with the Grenache. I now feel ready to apply for my HC grilling team membership.

    Bottom line, do what works for you! 

    Me: I've never pulled one before 200F internal.  The short ribs I cooked Friday ended upon just a little long (stupid work phone call) and were at nearly 210F by the time I yanked them but they did get the benefit of a 2hr rest.  They were quite possibly the softest beef that I've smoked.  One more thing that I've found is that tenderness is (not surprisingly) heavily influenced by the quality of the meat. I had a brisket a couple weeks ago that only got so tender, there was nothing else to be done about it. It still tasted great, but was nowhere near as fall-apart soft as others I've done. Such is life.

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  8. Just now, Hopstretch said:

    I've been watching the Aaron Franklin Masterclass series and he says the same thing. Go by feel for doneness and rest is crucial. He only takes the temp in that latter part of the process, because he wants to let the meat come back down to 140ish before slicing. That way he knows everything has relaxed appropriately.

    Mmmm, brisket, aaarrrggghhhh.

    I can confirm that the approach also works with beef short ribs.  In related news, this is what I grilled tonight.


    45 day dry aged top sirloin from my favorite butcher. I took 1/3 of the 2lb monster and tried a reverse sear which came out quite nicely.  The regularly seared portion was also quite tasty, but took an insanely long time to come up to even medium.  More tweaking of the process. Most important lesson learned, the Traeger probe is crap at low temps. I will rely only on the Fireboard from now on.

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